New features

Free product mockups

Do you need apparel templates for your Zakeke? See here

New features

New features just released! Read here on the new features.

PS: if you don't see your unique link for the "Refer a Friend" program, please double-check later as the system is auto-populating all the accounts over the next few hours.

Bulk Variation Forms for WooCommerce

The new Bulk Variation Forms feature has just been released for WooCommerce users as well.

In order to get it in your Zakeke, go to your WordPress admin > plugins and update Zakeke to the latest version as shown in the image below:

update zakeke.PNG

Learn here how to use the tool.

New features

New version of Zakeke just landed! It includes TextArt, Undo/Redo buttons and Bulk Variation Forms. Read here on the new features and improvements we've just delivered to your Zakeke :)

Instagram upload is temporarily disabled

Uploading of images from Instagram is temporarily disabled

Instagram made important changes in their APIs and this is affecting integration with third-party apps, such as Zakeke.

We have timely updated the integration to work with the new APIs, but now we are awaiting validation by Instagram (they require a new validation) which is taking more than expected. We think, however, that it will only be a matter of a few days.

In the meantime, we decided to temporarily disable the Instagram button on your customizer in order to avoid complaints from your customers as the integration was giving issues.

We apologize for the inconvenience, the Zakeke team is always committed to guaranteeing excellent service to our customers.

Image scaling

Image scaling down is now an option.

For performance reasons, Zakeke automatically scales down all images in a design in the customizer UI (both uploaded images and images from your galleries). This is to allow customers to have a fluid UX on any device and with any internet connection.

You can now disable the scaling down if you get complaints from your customers on how the images looks in their designs when they personalize your products: Interface Editor and Settings > Actions > Image scaling

Please note that print-ready files are generated with the original images in any case, therefore this option does not affect the quality of the print files in any way.

Download single print file

You can now download a single print-ready file instead of the full zip file.

Select the format you prefer from the download section in the order details. See below:

print file single format.png

Please note: only the print file of the first side of your product will be downloaded. If you have a product with multiple sides, you find all the files in the zip.

Get a single print file with Zapier

From today, you can use Zapier to get a single print-ready file instead of the full zip package.

Read here about the integration.

Improved integration with Printful

Just released two improvements on the integration with Printful:

1) Warning message for low-quality images: improved image quality management to allow your customers to upload even not top-quality images and still accepted by Printful.

2) Masked products: cover cases and cut-and-sew products are now created with a masked template to prevent your client's design from covering the non-customizable parts of the object, such as the camera hole on a cover -- see example below:

masked items.jpg