SDK Edition Improvements

We continue making enhancements to the API of the SDK Edition, mostly following requests coming from users. In the new 2.8.1 build of Yarkon, we added support for custom search, allowing developers to enhance the built-in search functionality with their own implementation.

See more here: API Documentation.

Added Support for One-Zone IA Storage Class

Yarkon will now support the recently added S3 storage class option, One-Zone Infrequent Access.

Added Support for Standard IA Storage Class

Yarkon always had support for the "Reduced Redundancy" storage option. We now added support for "Standard IA" (Infrequent Access).

This is a great option for documents you need to access less frequently, but when needed, they have to be readily available. "Standard-IA" offers the high durability, throughput, and low latency of Amazon S3 Standard, but with a low per GB storage price and per GB retrieval fee.

SDK Edition Improvements

We continue making enhancements to the API of the SDK Edition, mostly following requests coming from users. We added more details to the items returned and access to the underlying S3 object, for these cases when the Yarkon API does not provide all the functionality needed.

See more here: API Documentation.

Downloading of files and folders much improved

The download feature, allowing you to grab the full folder structure and download it as-is from S3 was always a great hit. Now, it will also work when you download very large folders.

Copy path to clipboard available from the Properties form

For users who have public/shared S3 folders, this features provides an easy way to share the S3 paths of their documents, and upload them to other systems.

Current user name now shown in the UI

Just a little more personalization - the current logged in user is shown in the toolbar.

Speed improvements impacting folders with many files

We improved the speed everywhere, but it would be most noticeable where it matters the most - those folders with a large number of items.

Thanks to smaller network payload and memory requirements, we expect to see up to 30% of speed increase, when viewing folders with more than a few thousands of documents in them.

This improvement will also speed up searches in buckets that contain a large number of items.

Upload form now shows the same tabs as the Properties form

The tabs are controlled from the server side using the Administrator console. It makes complete sense to have the Upload form follow the same options the Properties form affords the user.

Enterprise Edition available from the AWS Marketplace

The Enterprise Edition of Yarkon is now available for download from the AWS Marketplace. A 14 day FREE trial will help get you started.

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