Support for "VPC Only" buckets

When you want to be even more secure, you set your buckets to allow access from inside your VPC only. For this use case, Yarkon Server now includes a "Proxy" mode, in which all client requests are routed through Yarkon Server. End users can now access your "VPC Only" S3 buckets with that enhanced security, with no need to set up additional proxy servers.

Support for multi-region Wasabi deployments

Yarkon has great support for multi-region #AmazonS3 deployments.

We now bring the same level of support to #WasabiHotStorage - put your buckets in any of the available Wasabi regions, and Yarkon would be able to browse them. It works just as well for one accounts with buckets in multiple regions.

Document share

A change in a backend S3 API resulted in the Share Document function of Yarkon breaking. Regretfully, we missed that; this release of Yarkon includes a fix.

Keep sharing documents.

Allow override of sub-folder limits

Yarkon limits the number of sub-folders displayed to 1,000 by default (for each parent folder). This is because we think having more than that might make the browser a tad too slow. But the customer knows best. And if the customer has a powerful computer connected to a fast network, and happens to have that many sub-folders, then so be it. We added an override option from the Yarkon Admin Console allowing the limit to be removed.

Min-size was not respected when resizing panes

Not a big deal, but no-one likes very narrow panes. This pain is now over.

Search will do better looking for folders

The search function was pretty good on files, but left some to be desired when the search string was a folder name. With the new release, the search results will be consistent, and consistently good.

More control over networking

Starting with version 4.0.2, you'd be able to have better control over the networking behavior of Yarkon - you could set your timeout to be longer if you are sadly using a slow connection, and increase the number of retries in case your connection is just bad.

Improved branding (white label)

Version 4.0 of Yarkon includes a much improved support for white-labeling, allowing you to customize the look and feel of the client to match your own brand's logo and colors.

Branding is included with any of the paid Yarkon Cloud or Yarkon Server subscriptions.

Yarkon Cloud version 4.0 is now available

Version 4.0 of Yarkon Cloud is now officially available from the AWS Marketplace and for sign up from our site.

This is the first major release in a year, and includes a full refresh of the user interface, as well as numerous enhancements.

For more, please see this news release.

Yarkon 3.8.3 is now available

Version 3.8.3 of Yarkon is now officially released, with enhanced SSO functionality for users of the Server Edition, as well as a number of enhancements and bug fixes impacting all subscription types.