yarkons3 release notes
yarkons3 release notes

Deep link to your documents

Version 4.5 of Yarkon is out, and includes deep linking - you can now get a link to any document, folder or bucket, and share it with your fellow Yarkon users in your organization. The link will automatically open said object directly in Yarkon, with no need for extra browsing. Sweet.

We love your feedback

Many of the features of Yarkon were created following suggestions or requests made by our users. But we'd like to get more of it. To make it easier for you to share your feedback with us, we added a feedback button at the top right.

We are looking forward to hearing from you :-)

Improved download support for large files

Downloading large files over slow or unstable connections is always a challenge. With the new version 4.4.5 of Yarkon Cloud we added an option we call "spread", allowing the client to split the download of large files across multiple browser connections, thus improving speed and reliability.

Audit Trail now available

Version 4.4 of Yarkon Server was just released, including support for Audit Trail. This new feature allows you to track all user actions in your S3 account, using your CloudWatch log streams.

Now supporting all current AWS regions

We just completed certifying Yarkon with all new AWS regions and they should be all available in the UI, starting with version 4.3.2 and onwards. Great to see how much AWS regional coverage has grown over the last few years.

Optimized preview pane

The preview pane was causing some undue pain - an optimization we put in place a while back broke recently, resulting in some unnecessary processing. It is now fixed in version 4.3.1 and onwards.

Server Side Encryption now working for all

We identified some situations where the Server Side Encryption feature was not working correctly for some clients. It is now fixed in version 4.3.0 and above.

Features are now front and center

We made a change to the Overview page to ensure that the advanced features of Yarkon are easier to discover and turn on. The administrator will now have a clear view of all available features, and which is in use.

We have a new website

We are getting ready for the new year with a newly designed website.

The site is now broken into two distinct areas: information, and documentation. The informative side of the site is simple and easy to follow, while the documentation side is now using the common "Read The Docs" design, making it easier to follow and find the document you need quickly.

Improved administration

Based on customer feedback, we realized that a couple of the more advanced features of Yarkon, namely document sharing and storage class management, are confusing to some of the end users. We added gating for these features on the server side, and turned them off by default. If you want your users to keep their access to these features, simply go to the admin console and check the respective box in the Features page.