Yarkon 3.8.3 is now available

Version 3.8.3 of Yarkon is now officially released, with enhanced SSO functionality for users of the Server Edition, as well as a number of enhancements and bug fixes impacting all subscription types.

Yarkon Cloud 3.7.0 is now available

Version 3.7.0 of Yarkon is now officially released, bringing the all new Storage Analyzer to subscribers of the Cloud Edition. Use it to see where and how your storage is consumed, then make informed decisions to avoid waste.

For the full details, check out this link.

Added Concurrency Control to Settings

Most S3 operations handled by Yarkon are performed in parallel to improve performance. When using a device with lower memory, such as a phone or an older model laptop, this optimization might have resulted in instability in some extreme cases.

Version 3.7.0 of Yarkon now includes an option for the end user to control the concurrency settings - find it in the Settings form.

New display option in Image Preview

With version 3.7.0 of Yarkon, the Image Preview pane was enhanced to include a "Size to Fit" as well as "Actual Size" viewing option, making it easier for you to see the image as is without having to open it in another tab.

Yarkon Server 3.6.1 is now available from the AWS Marketplace

The next release of Yarkon Server, version 3.6.1, is now officially available from the AWS Marketplace.

Accompanying the AMP release, we now also made available a BYOL release option. Same as the AMP version, the BYOL version includes a FREE 30 day trial, with the added convenience of different monthly subscription licensing options starting at only $10 per month.

Branding (white-label) included in Yarkon Cloud subscription

Version 3.6.0 of Yarkon is now officially released, bringing for the first time branding ("white-label") support to subscribers of the Cloud Edition.

For the full details, check out this link.

Full support for compatible storage providers

Version 3.5.1 of Yarkon is now officially released, bringing out-of-the-box support for compatible storage providers such as Wasabi, CEPH and others.

For the full details, check out this link.

Video files preview

Whenever possible, video files will now be shown inside the Preview pane, regardless of their size. Before this improvement, we only allowed the internal player to show videos of a limited size, which - alas - also meant limited functionality.

Fix document sharing issue

It looks like the time limit imposed on shared documents from Yarkon was cutting it too short, making the Share function pretty useless. With the release of version 3.4.0, it is now fixed and once again, pretty useful.

Fix downloads for very large files

The timeout we set for download was not taking into account very large files (or very slow networks) when downloaded individually. Release 3.3.2 includes a patch that fixes this oversight and ensures that such downloads would not fail.

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