Branding is (finally) available for Enterprise users

With the 2.5 release of Yarkon, we added support for the most popular client request - branding (AKA, "white labeling") of the Yarkon client application using the Admin Console user interface, without having to make manual changes to HTML and CSS files.

This feature is available in the Enterprise.

For more details, see the News blog.

Control application features from the server

Setting up granular IAM policies is sometimes difficult. While this is always the recommended approach, we made things easier for the admin by adding account level controls over some of the features that are usually disabled for end users, such as create/delete bucket, change document permission, etc. When checked off on the server side, these feature will not be displayed to the end user.

This feature is available in the Enterprise and Cloud editions, and will be added soon to the SDK edition.

For more details, see the News blog.

Added support for bucket display name

One of the issues with S3 is the requirement for bucket names to be globally unique. All the good names are already taken, it seems.

While we cannot change that, Yarkon now allows you to define a Display Name for your buckets, which will be shown in the UI instead of whatever S3 made you name the bucket.

This feature is available in the Enterprise and Cloud editions, and will be added soon to the SDK edition.

For more details, see the News blog.

Simplified the setup and subscription procedure

The subscription/setup procedure required few steps and providing information that might not be readily available without preparation, making subscription/setup error prone at times.

To address this issue, we now require only minimal details to complete the subscription process to the Cloud edition, and use a CloudFront template to make the AMI based setup of the Enterprise edition a single click procedure.

Improved email integration for Enterprise edition

The Enterprise edition now supports additional email integration modes: In addition to the SMTP integration, it supports AWS SES and also allows for mail integration for administrators who prefer to handle password updates manually.

Enterprise edition now supports in-place upgrades

This new feature of the Enterprise edition allows upgrading the code without having to set up a new AMI.

Server based editions now support conditional policies

The Cloud and Enterprise editions of Yarkon now support conditional IAM policies, using the ${aws:username} directive.

Better handling of timeouts

Our timeouts were set up to be pretty aggressive, which might have prevented some large files from being uploaded over a slow internet connection. Oh well. If you really want to upload your large files over a 4G connection, now it should work.

One-click updates for Enterprise Edition

The hosted Cloud and Web Editions of Yarkon are always on the latest and greatest version of the code. From now on, users of the Enterprise Edition can simply click the new button Check for Updates and upgrade to the next version if one is available. Easy.

Added Help links

Trying to make it a bit easier for new-comers to find their way, added a couple of new links to the Help menu.

No published changelogs yet.

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