Y-Productive release notes
Y-Productive release notes

Automatic Productivity&Time Tracking





1.6.4 - 1.6.5 (April'05, 2018)

Manual task tracking provides a lot of control over your behavior, sets your actions a meaningful work context and cuts off the unrelevant data. But sometimes we just forget to push that button.

We took care you'll feel safe about it.

Starting today, Y-Productive logs your activities automatically:


You just need to have the application open in the background.

  • The automatically tracked data is indicated by the gradient colored bars. If needed, you can assign it to any task retrospectively. Doing so will match the gradient colors with the appropriate task.

  • As usual, you still can manage and track your tasks to receive statistics for Projects and Productivity reports, and to add work context to your performance feedback.

Y-Productive is now a truly unique tool that combines the benefits of an automated time tracking, task management and provides a deep insight into your productivity in a comprehensive and simple way.

Hope you'll like the changes!

Let us know what you think about the update in Intercom!