Y-Productive release notes
Y-Productive release notes

AFK for automatic chart and Global Focus Mode





1.7.1. - 1.7.5 (April'30, 2018)


  • The chart now detects your idle time and stops tracking automatically. You can setup the required idle time in Settings menu, the option: "Stop task after you've been away for:"

Hint: You can change it to a max time before AFK if you spend a lot of time on meetings (which is usually an idle time at your computer).

  • Focus Mode has a global button now :

Generic Focus Mode Copy .png

You can turn the website blocker on/off even if you have no active tasks. There is a shortcut for it, you can change it in Settings menu.

Hint: By default, Focus Mode is on when you start tracking a task. You can setup your preference in Settings, option: "Tasks trigger Focus Mode".

This update also brings several UI and stability improvements (app no longer crashes after sleep, etc.)