Room boosters 🚀

It's here! 🧙 Now anyone can choose between a peer-to-peer and a server-driven webinar. Don't be limited by your Internet connection bandwidth, invite more people to the show!

Yes, we have finally started offering room boosters — dedicated media-servers that can be connected on demand to any room you choose, allowing it to allocate much more viewers than before. The first model is a 50-participants one. Soon we will add more, just let us analyze a bit how actively you are using them. And this autumn we plan to extend boosters support to our regular conference calls.

Adding boosters is simple. Whether you already have a subscription or not simply go to and either create it or add a booster in a few clicks. After that pick a domain you wish, go to "webhooks & robots" tab and link your favourite room to a newly acquired booster. One room — one booster.

So, are you in?

Webhook API

Ever wanted to get notifications to your favourite messenger when someone calls you in your white label app room? Take any action when an event is triggered in zroom, all using our new Webhook API.

See more in the dashboard and as always check out

Minor before a week of major

The next week we want, we need, we must release "big rooms" set of features. All focus is on that. But until then, to keep you all tuned we published a few minor improvements that you have previosly asked for.

  • users can choose whether to keep main menu always afloat or not
  • plugins visibility levels: everyone, hosts only, noone
  • domain-preset plugins — define what will be loaded for all users
  • chat image files preview on click

Basic breakout rooms plugin

We have heard your requests and added a very simple room management plugin primarily focused on breakout rooms. 🚪🚪🚪

As it's a first version its functionality is quite basic but at least you already can use it and send us your feedback on what's missing. We will continue improving this plugin bit after bit the coming weeks as it will be very handy after we release "big rooms" feature for webinars at the end of this month.

Arabic translation + RTL language support

One more happy client has sent over their native language translation, this time it is Arabic. And in order to fully support languages written right-to-left we have added appropriate RTL styling for our UI.

I'd like to remind that you also can submit a new localization file or edit an existing copy if there's a typo or if you have a better suggestion:

Subscriptions management

If you already have a monthly subscription we have simplified the process of adding subscription modules for your account. From now on if you need to add or remove one or more seats you don't need to go through the payment flow again anymore.

Please keep in mind that you cannot remove a seat currently occupied by a domain, you will have to "destroy" that domain first.

Bug- and usability fixes

  • when camera is missing screen sharing turns off correctly (without any visual artefacts)
  • accidental double clicks over critical functions are disabled to prevent video renegotiation lags
  • loss of audio tracks prevented on poor connection
  • if you switch a theme in a white label version you now can go back without reloading
  • temporary emails are blocked for account creation to avoid problems with subsequent domain transfers
  • chat image zoomed preview (on click) is back again for own posts

Booking API

On our way towards compatibility with event booking platforms we have released our own booking API that allows anyone to reserve a room until a specific time in the future. 📅⌚

When a room is booked the only way to create a meeting there is it use the API itself. If a user tries to initialize a reserved room from the interface a corresponding message is shown.

See our updated API documentation for more details.

French translation added 🇫🇷 🇨🇦

Thanks to one of our happy clients we have just got a French translation.

Any of you can submit a missing language file or edit an existing copy if you discover a typo: All your submissions are warmly welcome!

Sound support for screen recording

Basically the title says it all. Sound is now supported in screen recording plugin, exactly as you requested. For everyone else this could be handy when leaving comments on the content being recordered. And by the way, we raised the limitation for camera video input there too. 📼