xroom - zroom changelog
xroom - zroom changelog

January updates

Several updates landed to our dashboard:

  • user management — grow your team and set different access permissions
  • iframe generator — embed your conference with no coding knowledge
  • ability to reset graphic content in your domain themes
  • payment card management
  • time zone for bookings

Stay tuned, a huge update is coming at the end of February. 🔥

Private messages

Private messages have landed. You may start a private chat either by choosing "Private chat" in a peer's context menu or simply by clicking their name in the common chat if they have messages already posted.


Besides that here are a few more changes you might be interested in:

  • an app setting to disable own camera mirroring
  • if 2 meetings are booked back to back in one room and time has come to switch you'll be offered to finish your current meeting in a breakout room
  • an option in the dashboard to set a default interface language for newcomers


By the way, did you know that we are now fully GDPR and HIPAA compliant?

November updates

  • If you are not sure how to add a CNAME record at you domain registrar we now have a built-in helper in the domain addition flow. It covers many popular registrars. If you don't find yours in the list please mail our support and we'll be happy to add a manual just for you. 🥰
  • Remote assistant for Windows gained experimental keyboard support.
  • Password inputs got a button to show the text. 👁️
  • Plugins you develop now can reuse several UI components from the core.
  • Screen sharing quality setting added to save bandwidth if needed.
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation added by one of the happy users. You can also contribute in keeping the translations up to date.

In the meantime we are working on one more big project you'll soon be able to witness. Stay tuned as always!

New dashboard

Okay, folks, here it comes, a new design of the back office.

It would take too much time to describe what has been changed, so just go check out yourself. 😉 Sign up for the dashboard (my.xroom.app) even if you are a freemium user, because soon we will add management features for you too.

Single API entry point

We have introduced automatic regions control for our API.

From now on you can use api.xroom.app as a single entry point for all regions, it will automatically and securely proxy your requests to the region of your domain (you set that on the dashboard).

For backward compatibility signal.zroom.app, previously serving as an entry point, is now a mirror of api.xroom.app but don't use it if you haven't started yet, it will go away sooner or later.

Updates from week 40


  • own video is now shown in the corner, this allows you not to stare at yourself and instead look straight at your interlocutors; if a video covers anything on a shared screen you can drag it to another spot
  • an setting added to display you camera stream during screen sharing
  • colour pop mode for background management plugin
  • "Keep on top" mode for a video (limited browser support) — see your peer's camera/screen while working with other applications and browser tabs


  • if you enter a room with a password the locking dialog shows it
  • desktop version uses styled dropdown boxes (soon available in plugin API)
  • video placeholders background color can now be branded
  • extra info on minimized videos is only shown on hover
  • when downloading big files inform user about a possible decyphering lag


  • booking time was displayed without respect to the local time zone
  • plugin plates were stretched when you searched and filtered
  • "keep controls visible" previously required a reload to take effect

Background blurring

Don't worry that you haven't seen an update for a couple weeks: we are busy redesigning the whole system, starting from the website and dashboard.

Meanwhile here's a small present for you — a plugin to blur your background. We used a different neural network from what was utilized in the masks plugin. It gives a bit more performance, so we dared to raise the resolution limit a bit.


Room booking for everyone

We have decided to make booking available to general audience and not only to the API users.

Select any of your domains, go to "Bookings" tab and press "Add" to add a new booking slot. Name it, set the time and save. You're done.


Now you can safely share the link to the room — people will not be able to enter it until you create it yourself or cancel that booking. If you as a host miss the time a bit, no worries, the system will wait for you for 15 more minutes until finally cancelling the booking.


And of course, booking is still fully available through our API so you are more than welcome to build any integrations.

End-to-end encryption 🛡️

HTLlraNswSV6QXU1nVGCJQ! Oh, I mean "Hello, world!"

Why do modern messengers have end-to-end encryption but modern video conferences do not? Do they use another Internet? Or do they just not care about security. We decided to be a bit different and are proudly presenting you xroom.app's end-to-end encryption feature.

Our first public version only covers text exchange in the chat. During the next weeks we will collect performance data and possible bugs and will extend E2EE further to files, audio and finally to video.

We have even built in a simple way to mitigate Man-in-the-middle attacks. Simply click the new shield icon on your peer to see a short representation of their public key. If you feel unsafe spell it to them and ask to confirm they have the same on their own video. If a malevolent party attacks your session you will clearly see it.


This security measure will not be compatible with social media streaming or any other future gateways. Unfortunately or luckily 3rd parties are not able to decode your media and are thus not able to stream it anywhere. With boosters the compatibilty will however persist because boosters do not care whether they pump encrypted content or not.

HiRes audio support 🎻

From now on everyone can control video and audio quality settings separately. Video stayed as it was up to Full HD, while audio got sample rates up to 192 kHz! 😮 Unfortunately the support for this feature is not 100% yet, it works in Chrome (and all Chrome-based browsers), Safari and our boosters support it as well. Firefox and streaming is not there yet. To set the sample rates simply go to client settings.

As a bonus to the above you can now control the maximum bandwidth. If you're on 3G or 4G that may be helpful.

By the way, those who participate in RTMP beta testing now have a possibility to set custom background images and custom logos for the streaming video. Unlocked as promised. 😉