xroom.app changelog
xroom.app changelog

Reserved rooms





This is a feature a lot of you were asking for. Reserved rooms is a mechanism to make any room virtually active forever. When you leave such a room no resources are dedicated anymore and all the content is wiped out to keep things secure, however the system knows that it has to treat such a room as existing in case people come back. Reserved rooms save your time even more.

You can define a room type and set a password. It makes no sense to use a hard lock, because if there's noone in a reserved room then noone is able to open the door from inside. Hence only password protection.

Reserved rooms are fully compatible with API rooms creation.

Currently reserved rooms are in public test stage, so they are hidden in your subscription management. As soon as we assure it's 100% working as planned you will be able to buy more of such reservations for your domains. By default we provide 3 reserved rooms per domain for free.

A common use case:

You buy a white label domain and you don't want anyone to be able to create a room from the starting page, you disable that in the dashboard. At the same time you don't want to go to the dashboard and create rooms manually every time — you reserve the most often used ones, e.g. meet.my-domain.com/morning-meeting, and set a password for it.





A new, refreshing design for your dashboards, to fit our main color scheme better.