xroom.app changelog
xroom.app changelog

Major release at 21:00 CET April 23, 2021





The upcoming xroom.app updates will be published at 21:00 CET 23 April 2021 to avoid causing any downtown at peak hours. The following summary describes the main changes brought in this mega-release. We hope you will enjoy these updates as much as we do! 😄

  1. We will release a new version that brings many changes to our free and paid services.

  2. A new beautiful design and user interface has been implemented. This has been in the works for nearly half a year.

  3. Additionally, many of you with less reliable internet connections have experienced problems when using our peer-2-peer system (which solely relies on your router and network)

  • We now offer SFU servers aka “Boosters” that act as a conduit to push your data forward agnostically. Peer-2-peer systems are great for avoiding server use and increasing security, but also can lead to lower performance in certain conditions.

What does the above mean?

Improved communication experiences that allow even up to 24 participants in a call. If you need more than a booster upgrade is available for up to 50.

How do the servers work?

  • You send your data through our servers and then we send it forward to your guests.

What about the security?

  • Regardless of these changes, we never have access to your data thanks to private keys exchanged at the beginning of your call. Every room is a fortress, and our servers simply forward your data without being able to decrypt the information.

Plugin updates

  • We have upgraded our recorder plugins and most recently completed an integration with Integromat. This should be publicly available soon. We are working on integrating some legacy plugins as well into this new technology released.

So, what’s next?

  • More integrations, plugins, and functions you all ask for! We will keep working on improving our services, fixing any errors that might arise and ensure we listen to your feedback.

Need help?

  • If you’d like a quick demo of how things are now working, you may watch one here.

  • Feel free to reach out to support@xroom.app any time or chat in via our homepage.

Thanks very much for your support and patience,

The xroom.app team