xroom.app changelog
xroom.app changelog

xroom.app acquired by Compodium nternational AB




xroom.app would like to announce that its platform has been purchased and acquired by Compodium nternational AB.

This means that xroom.app services will no longer be available for use or purchase directly through the xroom.app website. All current monthly paying customers will receive 3 months of free service. After this period, access will no longer be provided. However, all lifetime or yearly deal customers will continue to remain supported by logging into our dashboard.

For any future offerings or services, please ensure to review https://www.compodium.com.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your continued support over the years and know that by joining forces with Compodium we will be able to offer further improved communication solutions for small and large customers.

Reserved rooms





This is a feature a lot of you were asking for. Reserved rooms is a mechanism to make any room virtually active forever. When you leave such a room no resources are dedicated anymore and all the content is wiped out to keep things secure, however the system knows that it has to treat such a room as existing in case people come back. Reserved rooms save your time even more.

You can define a room type and set a password. It makes no sense to use a hard lock, because if there's noone in a reserved room then noone is able to open the door from inside. Hence only password protection.

Reserved rooms are fully compatible with API rooms creation.

Currently reserved rooms are in public test stage, so they are hidden in your subscription management. As soon as we assure it's 100% working as planned you will be able to buy more of such reservations for your domains. By default we provide 3 reserved rooms per domain for free.

A common use case:

You buy a white label domain and you don't want anyone to be able to create a room from the starting page, you disable that in the dashboard. At the same time you don't want to go to the dashboard and create rooms manually every time — you reserve the most often used ones, e.g. meet.my-domain.com/morning-meeting, and set a password for it.





A new, refreshing design for your dashboards, to fit our main color scheme better.


New plugins





  1. Color your life.

We have noticed that a lot of people tried to design color themes for their spaces, but many failed to do so. We want to help. At the same time, as always, we do not want to unnecessarily grow the main product with things that are not used by everyone. And we come up with an idea to start creating new themes and placing them into a dedicated plugin.

  1. Embed anything.

Ever wanted to work with Google Docs right in xroom.app or watch a YouTube video together? Now this is doable with a collaboration containers plugin. Simply paste a link to the page you want to embed, press "enter" (or click "go" on mobile) and sync to your peers. You can have up to 2 containers at a time, more would feel too dense. All the participants videos will be stacked to the right, as if you are sharing your screen.

Please mind that many tools block embedding on their end and a special setting may be required. In that case simply ask its vendor for it.

  1. Custom backgrounds.

Besides a better UI design for the plugin we added a possibility to upload and use a custom image as your background.

May updates





  • a new plan for those who only need a personal room with API, bookings and branding (no white label) — €4.99 per month
  • an ability to buy more rooms — €2.49 per month per room





  • no need to pay if you want to try any our product, we have added 14-day free trial which you can cancel at any time





  • multiple cameras support for Chrome and Safari
  • missing logo is not shown as a placeholder anymore

Major release at 21:00 CET April 23, 2021





The upcoming xroom.app updates will be published at 21:00 CET 23 April 2021 to avoid causing any downtown at peak hours. The following summary describes the main changes brought in this mega-release. We hope you will enjoy these updates as much as we do! 😄

  1. We will release a new version that brings many changes to our free and paid services.

  2. A new beautiful design and user interface has been implemented. This has been in the works for nearly half a year.

  3. Additionally, many of you with less reliable internet connections have experienced problems when using our peer-2-peer system (which solely relies on your router and network)

  • We now offer SFU servers aka “Boosters” that act as a conduit to push your data forward agnostically. Peer-2-peer systems are great for avoiding server use and increasing security, but also can lead to lower performance in certain conditions.

What does the above mean?

Improved communication experiences that allow even up to 24 participants in a call. If you need more than a booster upgrade is available for up to 50.

How do the servers work?

  • You send your data through our servers and then we send it forward to your guests.

What about the security?

  • Regardless of these changes, we never have access to your data thanks to private keys exchanged at the beginning of your call. Every room is a fortress, and our servers simply forward your data without being able to decrypt the information.

Plugin updates

  • We have upgraded our recorder plugins and most recently completed an integration with Integromat. This should be publicly available soon. We are working on integrating some legacy plugins as well into this new technology released.

So, what’s next?

  • More integrations, plugins, and functions you all ask for! We will keep working on improving our services, fixing any errors that might arise and ensure we listen to your feedback.

Need help?

  • If you’d like a quick demo of how things are now working, you may watch one here.

  • Feel free to reach out to support@xroom.app any time or chat in via our homepage.

Thanks very much for your support and patience,

The xroom.app team

April updates





It's been a while since we made an update and we just wanted to let you know we are still working 24/7 on a release that arrives on the 9th of April!

The biggest change is that we now offer SFU video conferencing architecture to help boost room capabilities to 50 participants.

We always listen to our customers and because of the feedback received we have redesigned and rebuilt our front-end and many of our back-end infrastructure from scratch. This means less bugs, better improvement and overall a better tech pathway that will help us grow in the future.

All in all, you will notice a huge redesign that will hopefully be more aesthetically pleasing, but more important will also see a huge improvement in audio, video, screen sharing and data transmission.

It has indeed taken us sometime to do this tremendous task because we are a very small team. Additionally, we are very strict about ensuring that we find and fix as many bugs as possible before releasing.

As a teaser, we even include a screenshot of the new interface that will be fully customizable.

Screenshot 2021-04-06 at 13.40.46.png

We thank you all so very much for coming along the journey with us. We also appreciate your patience and support and look forward to helping you all with your secure and personalized communication needs.

January updates





Several updates landed to our dashboard:

  • user management — grow your team and set different access permissions
  • iframe generator — embed your conference with no coding knowledge
  • ability to reset graphic content in your domain themes
  • payment card management
  • time zone for bookings

Stay tuned, a huge update is coming soon! 🔥

Private messages





Private messages have landed. You may start a private chat either by choosing "Private chat" in a peer's context menu or simply by clicking their name in the common chat if they have messages already posted.


Besides that here are a few more changes you might be interested in:

  • an app setting to disable own camera mirroring
  • if 2 meetings are booked back to back in one room and time has come to switch you'll be offered to finish your current meeting in a breakout room
  • an option in the dashboard to set a default interface language for newcomers


By the way, did you know that we are now fully GDPR and HIPAA compliant?

November updates

  • If you are not sure how to add a CNAME record at you domain registrar we now have a built-in helper in the domain addition flow. It covers many popular registrars. If you don't find yours in the list please mail our support and we'll be happy to add a manual just for you. 🥰
  • Remote assistant for Windows gained experimental keyboard support.
  • Password inputs got a button to show the text. 👁️
  • Plugins you develop now can reuse several UI components from the core.
  • Screen sharing quality setting added to save bandwidth if needed.
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation added by one of the happy users. You can also contribute in keeping the translations up to date.

In the meantime we are working on one more big project you'll soon be able to witness. Stay tuned as always!

New dashboard





Okay, folks, here it comes, a new design of the back office.

It would take too much time to describe what has been changed, so just go check out yourself. 😉 Sign up for the dashboard (my.xroom.app) even if you are a freemium user, because soon we will add management features for you too.