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At home, we think of everyone. And especially to those who have just started FUT!

It's never too late to start Ultimate Team on FIFA! And if FIFA 18 is for you the beginning of this new and great adventure, we offer you all the basic advice, that you are not totally lost.

For some years now, the FIFA Ultimate Team ( FUT) mode has been an integral part of the game and has even become the competitive mode where the best players evolve. If for them everything seems simple and the wheels are known by heart, this is not the case for all players, especially new ones. If you have arrived here, there is a good chance that you have just started FUT, or FIFA 18 Cheats Online No Survey Hack that you intend to do so very soon.

You do not know what a card is for, or are you wondering which is the best training to adopt in this game mode? You do not understand anything about the Team Creation Challenge, or you do not know which style card to put in your midfield to be as sharp as possible? Well, we are here to answer all these questions!

FUT 18 is full of competitions of all kinds, so not to get lost, Eclypsia offers a tour of the different game modes available.

First, you must know that it is possible to compete against other players or simply the AI.

For solo mode, two formats are available:

  • The " season " mode, the FIFA 18 Hack equivalent of a championship, allows you to face different teams from all over the world. You start in division 10 and will try to climb the ladder up to division 1. At the beginning of each new season, the game invites you to participate in different competitions. Ranked by difficulty, they have different entry criteria (or not), rewards and victory conditions. You will have 10 games to prove yourself and win the title. Example: In division 8, the World Tour asks you for a minimum money level team. You need 19 points to glean the title, 16 to climb and 9 to maintain. The awards are respectively 1,700 credits and 1 bronze contract pack, 1,400 credits and 1,100 credits.

  • The " competition " mode, the equivalent of the cups . They are four permanent and some "special" cuts are added to the choice. As for the seasons, they have different entry criteria, difficulty levels, and rewards. Example: The Champions Trophy is a cup without entry criteria, in Champion difficulty and with 1 200 credits and 1 premium reward player loan.

  • The draft mode is a competition that allows you to create a team especially for the occasion. A little like the Arena on Hearthstone, this team will be yours only during the tournament, once this tournament is over, the players do not join your pool of players. The entry costs 15,000 credits or 300 FIFA points and lets you choose the difficulty. With a choice of 5 players per position, FIFA 17 Coins Hack the goal is to create the most competitive collective possible. Once your team is created, we find a classic cutting format with more and more interesting rewards as the laps progress. Your goal is simple: to make four victories in a row, knowing that in the first defeat, it is the elimination!

  • The " Team Creation Challenges " mode, a new game mode recently arrived on FUT 18!

The online mode allows you to compete against other players:

  • The " season " mode, like facing the AI, allows you to take part in a championship. So you start Division 10, and by dint of goals and victories, you will be able to compete against the best players. Example: In division 7, the title requires 18 points (5,000 credits), rising 14 points (4,000 credits), maintaining 8 points (2,800 credits) and relegation earns 1,750 credits.

  • The " draft " mode, similar to that against the AI allows you to create a team for this competition. You start in the ⅛ final and your goal is to lift the cup. Rewards will be awarded based on your results.

  • The online single match mode allows you to compete against other players without goals at the keys. This mode is ideal if you want to try your new team positively composed.

  • The " friendly season " Dragon Mania Legends Hack Online mode offers you to face your friends in season.

  • Not to mention the new mode of this FUT 18, FUT Champions where we offer a detailed guide to know all the tricks.

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