WPPOOL updates
WPPOOL updates


  • New: Added performance mode settings
  • Fix: Fixed default dark mode issue
  • Fix: Fixed missing i18n translation strings
  • Fix: Fixed 404 page excludes
  • Fix: Fixed exclude posts


  • New: Added video replacement
  • Fix: OS Aware dark mode flashing issue
  • Fix: Fixed colors settings slider
  • Fix: Fixed exclude home and blog page
  • Fix: Added dark mode video settings


  • Fix: Fixed WordPress 5.8 widget screen compatibility
  • Fix: Updated the Appsero namespace
  • Fix: Dark mode block switch alignment


  • Fix: Fixed triggers posts query
  • Fix: Excluded the default audio/ video player
  • Fix: Fixed lick color


  • New: Added posts exclude settings
  • New: Added RTL supports
  • New: Added new switch styles for choosing the fontsize + dark mode toggle
  • New: Added an option to add Dark Mode from the default WordPress menu
  • New: In light mode image / dark mode image - Added option to choose files from WP Media library
  • New: Added transition styles when page switch to Dark Mode from light mode via button click.
  • New: Added options to serve grayscale & lower brightness images when Dark Mode is on
  • Fix: Fixed exclude elements issue

v2.1.0 Changelog

  • New: Added exclude all pages except option
  • New: Added exclude all categories except option
  • New: Added exclude tags settings
  • New: Added exclude post types settings
  • New: Added exclude WC categories settings
  • New: Added exclude products settings
  • New: Added analytics and email reporting
  • New: Added pro & ultimate settings badge

2.0.9 Changelog

  • Fix: Fixed dark mode flashing issue on frontend and backend
  • Fix: Fixed conflict with wpml & victim-core plugins

2.0.8 Changelog

  • Fix: Fixed Firefox & Safari Dark mode not working issue

2.0.7 Changelog

  • New: Add dark mode toggle gradual fade-in animation
  • Improvement: Reduce the dark mode flashing time

v2.0.6 Changelog





  • New: Added wptouch plugin compatibility
  • Fix: Fixed switch background color
  • Fix: Fixed IOS darkmode issue
  • Fix: Fixed Switch style 3