wpMetrics updates
wpMetrics updates

Redesigned reviews and rating





We bet you will like this update!

It's one more step to make everything you need for monitoring your plugins and themes in one place.

The rating page shows recent reviews now. It will help you to keep the focus on what users say about your product.


Screenshot 2020-11-12 232649.png

Weekly and monthly reports





We are glad to introduce weekly and monthly email reports in addition to daily notifications!

Weekly reports are sent every Monday containing the summary of downloads for current full week in comparison to previous one.

Same for monthly reports, they are sent every 1st day of the month.

Also, you can configure the notification, for example, to receive them only once in the month. Just check your account settings for this.

Good luck and stay safe and healthy!

Theme stats is already available!





Finally! Since today, you can add your WordPress themes to wpdevmetrics and track downloads, active installs, ratings, and keywords, etc.

Also, you can receive daily emails with summarized stats (same as for plugins).

Try it out and share your feedback :)

wpdevmetrics - Theme stats.png

The issue with sending daily emails was fixed





There was an issue with sending daily reports by email for some users. Now it is fixed and all users should get their notifications.

BTW, notifications always can be disabled/enabled in the account settings.

Active installs history is now available





It is a missing feature for WP stats and now it is available on wpdevmetrics!

Since there is no API for getting historical data about active installs of the plugins from WP, we were forced to track that changes on our own. When you register the plugin on wpdevmetrics, it's automatically getting tracked on a daily basis. For all plugins that were registered previously, we started tracking active installs since November 2019, so you may have some insights already ;)

This feature is available for all paid plans. Check it out and stay safe!

wpdevmetrics _ Dashboard - Google Chrome 2020-04-01 18.37.52.png

Average and median of downloads





Enjoy the insights with new metrics — the average and median of downloads per day. You can find them in the Downloads summary view.


Note, that you can select any date range and these metrics will be calculated accordingly.

Selecting a custom date range for downloads





Downloads chart is available with 5 preset ranges:

  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days
  • Last 90 days
  • Last year
  • Last 2 years

Also, today we are glad to introduce the ability to select a custom date range: custom date range.gif

Updated plugins dashboard





Now, on the initial plugins page available additional information such as rating, the number of reviews and active installations.

wpdevmetrics | Dashboard 2019-06-08 22-41-13.png

Choose your billing plan





During the last year, we were providing full functionality and improving the service absolutely for free. Now, we are introducing paid plans.

Paid plans depend on the number of plugins you have on the dashboard. For 1 plugin, it remains free forever without any limitations. Also, 7 days trial period is available.

You can view the plans in your account settings.

wpdevmetrics | Dashboard 2019-05-26 15-15-44.png

This step will help us to continue improving wpdevmetrics. We have a lot of ideas and features to do.

Thank you for placing your trust in us and giving us a chance to provide you with our services.

WP DevMetrics team

Epic! Comparison with similar plugins is now available





Now you can add up to 5 similar plugins to compare with yours. Just navigate to the new Competitors tab on the plugin page.

Here is how it looks like: Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 11.29.03 PM.png

Ratings, active installs, downloads, keywords... Everything just in one place.

Give it a try. Feedback is much appreciated!