wpMetrics updates
wpMetrics updates

Massive summer update




First of all, I have a small announcement. It's a difficult time for wpMetrics because we are located in Ukraine 💙💛. If you want to support Ukrainian Armed Forces, here is a TRUSTED donation link: www.comebackalive.in.ua/donate

Still, we keep up and running, so let's discover what we have prepared this summer.


The downloads tab got a new look with lots of user experience improvements. Also, it is now possible to group downloads data by days, weeks, and months.


Active installs

Active installs now live in the separate tab. In addition to the actual active users number (which is calculated on our side using historical data and growth), there are two more metrics:

  • Active users growth (updated every Sunday)
  • Reviews rate - an experimental metric showing plugin quality (you can find more details in the Plugin Review Analysis article).

Historical changes in active users are presented in the chart.


Data exports

It is now possible to download data from charts in the form of CSV/Excel for future analysis.

As always, happy to hear your feedback for further improvements.

Founder of wpMetrics,