wpMetrics updates
wpMetrics updates

WordPress removed active installs stats




A few days ago active installs growth chart disappeared from the plugin's advanced view on WordPress.org. API that provides these data was disabled as well. WordPress Meta Team states that it is "due to insufficient data obfuscation".

I personally and the vast majority of plugin developers do not agree with simply disabling such an important metric. There is active communication in the #meta channel in WordPress Slack.

Also, there is an open issue to bring back the stats. Please watch/join the discussion to support the fix.

As for the wpmetrics Active Installs view, without the growth stats, it will be less informative and it will be not possible to calculate actual active installs. Still, I hope the Meta Team will revert/fix the issue and we will be able to provide accurate data as before.

Massive summer update




First of all, I have a small announcement. It's a difficult time for wpMetrics because we are located in Ukraine πŸ’™πŸ’›. If you want to support Ukrainian Armed Forces, here is a TRUSTED donation link: www.comebackalive.in.ua/donate

Still, we keep up and running, so let's discover what we have prepared this summer.


The downloads tab got a new look with lots of user experience improvements. Also, it is now possible to group downloads data by days, weeks, and months.


Active installs

Active installs now live in the separate tab. In addition to the actual active users number (which is calculated on our side using historical data and growth), there are two more metrics:

  • Active users growth (updated every Sunday)
  • Reviews rate - an experimental metric showing plugin quality (you can find more details in the Plugin Review Analysis article).

Historical changes in active users are presented in the chart.


Data exports

It is now possible to download data from charts in the form of CSV/Excel for future analysis.

As always, happy to hear your feedback for further improvements.

Founder of wpMetrics,

Monitoring of support threads




Happy to announce that we have added Support tab for plugins. Here you will find a summary for the last 2 months and the list of current unresolved threads. image.png


Advanced downloads comparison on the chart




On the downloads chart now it is possible to choose the comparison period. Possible options are:

  • previous week
  • previous month
  • previous quarter
  • previous year

Introducing annual subscription plans!

We are glad to announce that annual subscription plans are now available.

When choosing an annual subscription you get 1 month free in comparison to a monthly subscription.

Check out the Billing & Plans section in your account settings for more details.





Celebrating 3 years! Get 50% off





πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Hurray!

wpMetrics is celebrating 3 years online this month! Get your 50% discount on any plan for the first month.

Coupon to apply on checkout: WPMETRICS-3

Valid only during March 2020.

Fixed: new reviews growth in emails





The issue with showing new reviews growth in the email reports was fixed.

Email reports redesign





All email reports were refreshed as well as extended with new insightful metrics, such as:

  • Active installs
  • Active installs growth (for paid subscriptions)
  • Current rating
  • Reviews growth

Stay safe and take care.

Reviews filter and growth chart





It is now possible to filter reviews by number of stars right in the wpdevmetrics dashboard.

Also, we are glad to introduce the reviews growth chart to keep an eye on feedback from your customers.

Please note, these features are only available with Developer’s subscription.

Happy holidays!

Reveal actual number of active installs!





Active installs number is one of the most important metrics for every plugin.

Unfortunately, WordPress is keeping actual numbers under the hood and provides only rounded numbers (like 400k+ active installs).

But with one of the recent updates to public WP API active install growth metric was introduced. In combination with historical data we already collected with wpdevmetrics, it opens an opportunity to calculate the actual number of active installs!

This feature is available for all users with active subscriptions. Give it a try and let us know your feedback!

You can find more details about the approach in the following blog post: How to Get the Actual Number of Active Installs of Your WordPress Plugin.

Special thanks to @Ninja Team for sharing the idea!

Screenshot 2020-11-15 165039.png