New design and improvements!


To introduce new features faster we've been hard at work past couple of weeks at updating our internal codebase. And while doing that, we took opportunity to refresh Workaline design a little and work on some other things.

Changes since last update:

  • Refactored internal codebase.
  • Introduced server-side rendered pages (which mostly means that users will be able to see page content faster on slower connections like on mobile phones and Workaline will be more optimized for search engines like Google).
  • Added initial user accounts (still work in progress, though).
  • Refreshed general site design (to be more light).
  • Refreshed "Collections" page styling.
  • Refreshed "Resources" page styling.
  • Added new collection "Electron".
  • Integrated internal server error reporting tool, which will allow us to know faster about any server errors encountered by users (and fix them faster).
  • Fixed listings not updating (they changed their links, so you may sometimes see 404 - we're still working on that).
  • Fixed listings not including details like payment, location and employment type.
  • Removed annoying onboarding overlay.
  • Removed newsletter signup (you can now create account instead)
  • Moved annoying Android app notification to top bar.

Stay tuned for more to come!