Status of Buying and Shipping Operations

Please check available shipping methods for your country on our shipping status page before ordering.

Key Points

  • White Rabbit Express is still accepting orders and making purchases.
  • Shipping has stopped to some countries. See here to check your countries status.
  • Shipments will take longer to arrive than usual. See here for more information.
  • If you are in a country where postal service has not been completely suspended, you must ship within 30-days of your Received Package notice.

We hope that you are still safe and well in these difficult times.

Due to COVID-19-related flight cancellations by passenger and cargo airlines, some services are temporarily suspended to some countries. Japan Post has suspended Surface Airlift (SAL) service to all countries.

We at White Rabbit Express are fully operational and still continue to accept orders and make purchases on your behalf. But be aware: we may be temporarily unable to ship your package if your country is affected by the suspension of service by our shipping partners.

We can hold packages for you at no cost if we are unable to ship your package due to the complete suspension of postal service to your country. However, per our Terms Of Service, we are unable to offer refunds for orders which cannot ship out of Japan due to circumstances beyond our control.

Due to severe limitations with our storage space, if you have any shipping methods available you must ship within 30-days of your Received Package notice.

We expect that all shipments that do leave our warehouse will be delayed. We ask for your understanding given the current crisis.

Search here to see how your country is affected by shipping disruptions.

We'll update that list as the situation changes.

As always, contact us if you have further questions.