Weflow updates
Weflow updates

Auto-save changes in your table or panel



  • Previously, whenever you adjusted your pipeline views, you were required to hit the save button if you wanted it to persist
  • Now, Weflow auto-saves all your changes saving you valuable clicks and time
  • The same is true when adjusting fields in your panel
  • You can still duplicate a view by clicking on the 3-dot menu (…) in the view list or top right corner of any view

Currency Locale


New Feature

  • Weflow now understands how you prefer your currency fields to be formatted based on your organization's formatting settings
  • When changing your currency, Weflow will update the formatting on the next sign-in (sign out and back in)

User Settings


New Feature


Look up your total number of API calls, manage your integrations and access information about your user profile as well as our help desk all from within t he new settings page.


  • You can access the settings by clicking on your account avatar and then selecting 'Settings'
  • Look up your total number of API calls made by Weflow that day
  • Manage your integrations (more on this coming soon)
  • Manage your name, email, etc.
  • Quickly access the help section
  • See an overview of all available screen shots

Readability in the Note Pad




We improved the readability of the note pad editor by making the following changes:

  • The font size has been increased by 1pt
  • The option to use the / to open the command menu has been made more visible so first time users have an easier time finding this shortcut
  • The link to a record has been made more subtle and less wide so that there is more space for other actions such as opening the panel or accessing the record's activity timeline (see screen shot below)


Latest bug fixes




We take pride in resolving any new issues with speed and accuracy. Here you can find a list of the latest fixes:

  • The 3-dot menu in the "View List" did not work in some cases.
  • When reloading a page, the "Custom Filter" disappeared (but was still active)
  • Custom filters for multi pick lists did not work for all objects
  • When switching quickly between different pipeline tabs, sometimes the pipeline content was shown on the wrong tab
  • Zeros and boolean "False" values were formatted with the wrong font size on Kanban cards

If you find any new issues, we are committed to resolve them within a short time. Let us know at hello@getweflow.com

Changes to fields via notepad are more readable in Salesforce now




This improvement was made possible by a suggestion from one of our great customers. If you find issues like this, always let us know.


Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 09.55.04.png

This format was not that readable. In fact, we used the API name of a field and not the customer-facing field label, which users are more accustomed to. This has been changed now to look like this:

Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 09.55.38.png

Please note, that field values in notes are always only a snapshot since the last sync. Even if you have auto-sync activated, the auto-sync will only come into play if you made a pro-active change to that note.

Field Dependencies


New Feature


Weflow has always been respecting required fields and validation rules. However, for field dependencies, we did not show the dependent fields in all cases.

As of this week, you can now safely rely on Weflow to trigger a message to your Salesforce users, whenever they make a change to a controlling field which asks for input in dependent fields.

A popular example is changing the stage of an opportunity to "Closed/Won" and then requiring additional input in a field such as e.g. "Lost Reasons".


Major layout improvements for Tasks


New Feature




  • Weflow now let's you link a task to multiple records with more ease
  • In addition, Weflow displays all linked records on the first level of our user interface, meaning no need to look into the task details i.e. when having a task linked to a Lead or Contact

Filter by Opportunity type


New Feature


You can now filter by Opportunity record type


  • Are you using different opportunity types with different sales processes?
  • Then you can use our "Opportunity Type" filter now
  • Available for all opportunity pipelines - matter if table or kanban board

Log activities from your pipeline


New Feature



  • You can now log an activity or meeting for any record from the table pipeline
  • You can do the same by accessing the activity timeline for a record
  • Activities are instantly synced to Salesforce to the right record
  • If needed you can add an additional contact to the activity