Weflow updates
Weflow updates

Increased width in note list




The note list has been cleaned up a bit:

  • Increased width
  • Auto-aligning labels on the right side
  • More space for note titles


Recently used records




When linking an Opportunity to an account (or any other object), Weflow will now show the last 5 used records.


This will save you a click or search every now and then.

The new 🏡 home screen


New Feature


3 (1).png

As of today, when signing into Weflow we will not re-direct you to your pipeline, but start every session in the new home screen.

It's purpose is simple. Give you a quick overview of the status quo:

  • Your recently used pipeline views
  • Your latest notes
  • Your overdue/upcoming tasks
  • Your latest Chatter messages

You can also quickly create new actions and records from here. Got feedback? Let us know at hello@getweflow.com

Recent improvements




The following is an excerpt of improvements and fixes we shipped over the past two weeks:

  • Refreshing the pipeline manually sometimes did not work
  • When using the "Group by" filter in a pipeline view, sometimes we did not show the difference between an "Account" and an "Opportunity" field creating confusion as to possible duplicates in the list
  • The "Timeline" layout in the panel looked broken when there were long texts in field updates
  • Global search did not render results quickly and accurately
  • On Windows there were too many scroll bars (even if not needed)
  • Various typo and string improvements

Manually override email logging rules with the Chrome Extension


New Feature


One of our most beloved features is the ability to let Weflow log all your emails in the background. No clicking, no worrying…it just works.

But sometimes, you want to tweak the details a bit more. Maybe there is that one email that should not get logged or that one email that absolutely needs to get into Salesforce even though typically it shouldn't. Exceptions are the norm. And Weflow let's you stay in control.

You can install our Chrome Extension here.

Text formatting for Chatter messages




You can now use text formatting for bold, italic, underlined and strikethrough texts.


In addition, you can add in emojis, tag colleagues, add links, create lists and many more options.

Improved date filter options




To make filtering for specific dates and time ranges easier, we added the following options for date filters to Weflow:

  • Today [new]

  • Tomorrow

  • Yesterday

  • Last 7 days

  • Last 14 days [new]

  • Last 30 days [new]

  • Last 60 days [new]

  • This week [new]

  • Last week [new]

  • This month

  • Last month

  • This quarter [new]

  • Last quarter

  • This year [new]

  • Last year

Log Outlook/Microsoft emails with Salesforce via Weflow


New Feature


Let Weflow log your emails via Outlook/Microsoft accounts and link them automatically to your Salesforce records.


  • Weflow now lets you connect your Outlook inbox to Salesforce
  • Whenever you send an email via Outlook, Weflow will automatically log for matching records in Salesforce
  • If successful, Weflow will link the email to the right record

Use Chatter in Weflow


New Feature


Weflow has now a full integration with Chatter.


  • Write and read chatter messages via the panel / Chrome Extension from everywhere
  • Make use of the new "Inbox" to quickly see all new and old Chatter messages

Click-to-call from the panel


New Feature


Start phone calls from anywhere on the web, via the click-to-call button in the Weflow panel.


  • Weflow will automatically scan all Salesforce fields for phone numbers and automatically surface them via the "Phone numbers" button in the panel
  • This button is available via the Chrome Extension also