Weflow updates
Weflow updates

Group by in your pipeline table view


New Feature


A completely new pipeline experience with Weflow's group by feature 😊

  • You can now use the "group by" feature in your table views
  • Group your pipeline by owner, stage, or any other pick list or multi-pick list field

Edit the activity details in the note pad


New Feature


You can now edit activity details via the Weflow note pad. In addition, you can also connect notes to existing activities which have already been logged in Salesforce previously.

To edit activity details via the note pad:

  • Create a new note
  • Select an activity type
  • Sync the note
  • Once synced, you can edit the activity details

Access Salesforce from Gmail


New Feature


Install our Chrome Extension to quickly access your pipeline, notes and tasks directly from the Google Workspace.

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 20.40.59.png

Please note, that this will work with every possible Gmail layout however the experience may vary depending on your settings

High-speed in North America


New Feature


With more and more customers in the USA and Canada, we are continuously investing into speeding up our infrastructure.

Now, users in North America should experience a significant uptick in loading times when using our web app or Chrome Extension.

The entire deal history everywhere you go


New Feature

  • Look at the entire deal history inside the panel
  • Quick access to emails, notes, activities, and important field updates
  • Make changes or log new activities with one click
  • Super fast editing from our web app or Chrome Extension

Share formatted notes to Slack, Teams & emails


New Feature


Wouldn't it be nice if you could simply copy an entire Weflow note into a Slack channel or an email and keep all that formatting? Well, now you can.

Auto-detect URLs in notes


New Feature


Weflow not auto-detects URLs in your notes and let's you access the website with just one click.


Connect your notes to existing activties


New Feature


Weflow let's you connect notes to activities already residing within your Salesforce CRM.


  • Connect your note to an activity
  • Weflow will sync the content of your note into the activity

Don't like the new tab by Weflow?


New Feature


When installing the Weflow Chrome Extension, you'll get an entirely new "new tab" experience that is optimized for revenue teams with a fast access to your pipeline, notes and tasks.

With the latest Weflow update, you can now choose whether you want to keep the new tab or switch it off. In the past, deactivating the "new tab" experience, deactivated the entire Chrome Extension. Now, you can choose what works best for you.

Please note: We heavily recommend to keep the "new tab" experience alive and running as we constantly push new updates and improvements.

Access activities, notes & tasks without leaving Weflow from the timeline


New Feature


  • Previously, Weflow linked you back to Salesforce when clicking on an activity in our timeline
  • Now, you can open all activities right within Weflow and edit them from there
  • No more slow loading times in Salesforce, get right to the point