Weflow updates
Weflow updates

Close menus even faster




Don't you hate that random clicking around when trying to close a menu or window you don't want in your view anymore?

We definitely try to avoid this whenever possible. So here is another update where we made improvements to ensuring you can close whatever you want as quickly as possible with no unnecessary clicks.

Due date for logged activities




Now, Weflow sets a due date when logging an activity via the note pad.

  • Previously Weflow did not set any due date for logged activities via the note pad
  • Now, Weflow automatically sets today's due date AND sets the activity to done

Clickable URLs


New Feature


Fast access to third-party websites from Weflow

Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at 17.20.28.png

  • You can now click on the link icon in any URL field to immediately open a website from the panel
  • This works both in the web app as well as in the Chrome Extension

This feature was requested by our community. For other suggestions, please reach out to me or hello@getweflow.com

Logging an activity via a note copied HTML code into Salesforce




Previously, when logging an activity like a call or a meeting via a formatted note i.e. using bold or italic text, then we also copied the HTML code for the formatting into Salesforce.

The comment field of an activity could then look like this: <p>Meeting Notes</p>**Discuss pricing &amp rollout

This has been fixed now. So your activities are all fully readable by humans as well as machines 🤖

Adjust the way your notes are synced to Salesforce




Did you know that there are different note types within Salesforce?

1) Notes & Attachments Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 11.42.00.png

  • This is the "old" way to sync your notes with Salesforce
  • Here, you have no formatting options within Salesforce

2) Notes

Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 11.42.05.png

  • This new option was introduced back in 2018
  • These notes are also called "Content Notes" or contentNotes
  • They offer rich formatting options including the possibility to add in images

As you can see here, the newer note type features formatting options:

Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 11.39.57.png

In Weflow, you can now choose how you want your notes to be snyced to Salesforce. Either into the "Notes & Attachment" or into "Notes" i.e. Content Notes. Of course, notes from Weflow will also appear as formatted notes if you choose the newer "Notes" type.

If you have questions about this option, please contact us at hello@getweflow.com. We are happy to assist you in setting you up for success.

Smaller Sidebar = More Space





  • As you can see, with version v1.15 we made the sidebar a bit smaller
  • The goal of this resizing is to give you more space to navigate your pipeline

Re-Design of the Tasks Manager




We love listening to your feedback ❤️

That is why we re-worked the Weflow task manager from scratch. Previously, it was not always clear how to add a new task and there was no way to edit an existing task.

With the new flow, we now built a re-usable component that will find its way also into the upcoming "Activity Timeline" as well as our already existing Chrome Extension.

Check out this short video to walk you through the new design:

  • Now with lazy loading to ensure fast loading times even if you have thousands of tasks in your list
  • Edit and adjust tasks on the go
  • New 100% error-prone flow for adding new tasks

See inactive records on the Kanban board


New Feature


The Weflow Kanban board is a favorite among our customers to run effective weekly sales meetings. Now, Weflow automatically highlights card which have been inactive for more than 30 days.

  • The inactive state will appear if a record has not been modified or updated for more than 30 days
  • Adding an activity or updating a field resets the inactive status for 30 days or until another update is added



Use Case:

➡️ No need to use the "Last update" filter (though you of course still can)

➡️ Get a quick overview of which records need attention

➡️ Combine it with the Weflow score for more actionable insights

Share your pipeline with others


New Feature


You can now share your pipeline views with other users in the same Salesforce account.

  • Hit the share button and send the link to any other user in the same Salesforce account
  • Others are then able to save that view in Weflow
  • Changes by others do not affect your own shared view


Use cases:

➡️ Send a pipeline to your manager before a 1:1 meeting

➡️ Share your best-practice pipeline settings and filters with others easily

➡️ Set up pipeline templates with filters and fields for fast onboardings

Log your notes as activities


New Feature


You need to log activities to understand how your sales organization is performing. Without activities you won't know what drives a conversion.

That is why we developed activity logging as part of note taking in Weflow:

  • When logging a note, you can now choose to log it as an activity as well
  • You can change the activity type at any point in time to Call, Meeting or Task
  • Your note will be both synced as a note as well as the chosen activity
  • The entire note will be added to the activity comment section

If you have questions, thoughts or feedback then let us know at hello@getweflow.com. We love to hear your ideas!