😍 Pricing page redesign

The pricing page got a fresh look.

πŸš€ More insights about each Cloudlet

The Cloudlet page got better! It has a new section containing useful information about your cloudet, like:

  • remaining time until the next snapshot
  • number of currently active snapshots
  • storage of the snapshots
  • average snapshot duration

Screenshot 2020-04-13 at 10.14.02.png

πŸ”₯ Overview Dashboard

We just rolled out our new dashboard for all users. The Dashboard was created with a single purpose: to offer you a quick and detailed overview of what is going on with your backups.

It has 3 main sections:

  • Overview
  • Last snapshots
  • Average Snapshot size & duration

Each section will give you useful insights about what is happening with your backups behind the scene.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach us out. As usual, your opinion is greatly appreciated πŸ™‚

😍 Landing page design improvement

Our landing page got a fresh look.

πŸ” Show and hide deleted Cloudlets

When a DigitalOcean Droplet or Volume is deleted, it is also marked as deleted in Weap.io but remains visible.

When you start to have a lot of deleted cloudlets, it can be a problem to see the important ones.

From now on, the Cloudlets marked as deleted are hidden by default and can be displayed by clicking the Show deleted cloudlets option from the desired account.

The option is visible only when the account cloudlets are expanded :)


πŸ”₯Region replication

I'm excited to announce that region replication is now live and available for everyone.

Basically, from now on you can replicate all your backup snapshots in multiple DigitalOcean regions at no extra cost!

DigitalOcean doesn't charge more for snapshots replicated in multiple regions.

And since Weap.io is against feature limitations, the region replication will be available on all plans.

How it works?

For each droplet you can select in which regions it should be replicated. region-replication.png

Then, for each snapshot of a droplet with replication enabled, you can see in which regions it was replicated. region-reoplications.png

  • green circle: the replication in that region was completed
  • empty circle: the replication in that region is in progress
  • red circle: the replication in that region failed

πŸ” Filter Snapshots by Tags & Status

The way snapshots of a cloudlet are displayed was improved. From now on, you can filter them by tags and status. In this way, you will see only the snapshots that are relevant to you :)


πŸš€ Github Login & Registration

I'm happy to announce that the login & registration process of Weap.io got quicker and easier to use. From now on, You can register & login using your Github account.