Waldo updates
Waldo updates

See Git branch statuses in Waldo 🌿







We've updated branch displays in Waldo to support various git branch statuses! It's much easier now to visually differentiate between default, open, merged, and closed branches to quickly understand whether or not tests updates will be applied globally.

Learn more about how Waldo tracks branches in the docs 👉

Inspect your test results using Studio 📽🎞





We're very excited to release Results Studio, which makes it easier than ever to understand your test results!

Sometimes the information you need to understand an error is hidden between the screenshots Waldo takes at each replay step. Now, you can see your test playback alongside your step-by-step test results! See a full breakdown of your test in the timeline, jump to problem areas, and see how your app reacted to test scenarios live without ever leaving the results page.

Learn how to use the Results Studio to understand better your results in the docs 👉

Select a specific configuration for a manual run 📱





When you want to run a test manually quickly, you might want to select only one configuration instead of all of them in order to get fast test results. With this feature, you'll be able to do that when launching a manual run on Waldo!


Weekly Updates - 6/13/22




Resizable SideBar.gif

Resize and hide the Issues Sidebar

If you have long test names or need more space while browsing your test results, you can now resize or even hide the run issue sidebar.

Other Improvements

  • Enhanced usability of run filters and build/branch search.
  • Access run information from the Test Results page by hovering the run number in the breadcrumb.
  • Navigate to the baseline test from the Test Results page by hovering the test's name in the breadcrumb, and clicking View test.
  • Enhanced Analytics requests catching on Android apps.

Cheers ✌️

Referral program! 🎁




✨ Our marketing team just announced a new referral promotion for Waldo customers! For every introduction you make, we will send you a $150 (10 intros = $1500 for you, or $1500 for a charity of your choice).

For every referral that becomes a Waldo customer, we'll send you a $1,500 cash prize or make a donation to the charity of your choice (yes, we confirmed that you could win over $50,000).

To make your referrals, please see the instructions here.

Rotate to Landscape mode 🔄




Testing your app in landscape mode is just 1 click away! Landscape mode is now available while recording a test, and while using Waldo Live!


Follow this link to learn more.


Run scheduling 🕦




Last week we introduced the Rules feature to let you create powerful run logic.

Today we’re releasing a new trigger for Rules: Scheduling With this option, you can automatically trigger a run daily at a specific time.

Looks like it's time to schedule some nightly runs! 😴

Follow this link to learn more about the Rule feature!



Automate your iOS Pickers in a snap 🪄






We’ve introduced a major improvement to the way iOS Picker tests are created and maintained! Instead of manually scrolling to your desired values using multiple interaction steps, you can now select all desired values within a given picker in one step.

This means picker interactions can also be edited within a single step as well – simply go to your run results, open a picker interaction step, and update your picker wheel value(s). 😱

We’ve also added the ability to “Automate” your picker interactions. If your test case requires you to move a picker wheel up or down by a certain number of steps, flip the “Automate” switch on!

Follow this link to learn more!



Rules—the best way to scale your workflows🚏




We’re excited to launch Rules : a fundamental addition to our platform!

Rules give you the ability to use decision logic to run different tests, at different times, on different builds. This enables you to treat builds, and testing suites, differently and decide what tests you want to run, and when you want to run them.

Follow this link to learn more!



Dependency view




Once you create a significant amount of tests, it becomes tricky to know how they depend on each other. To simplify that, we are introducing the dependency view.

This new tree view is now available from the top dropdown menu on the Tests page.

Lastly, we enabled the bulk-delete operation (in the action bar). If the tests/folders you try to delete require you to delete other tests/folders first, we will let you know the global impact beforehand.

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