Vue.js Devtools changelog
Vue.js Devtools changelog

Vue 2 support & Plugin permissions






Update on Firefox

Vue 2 support

Vue 2 is now available! It also supports vue-router and vuex. Please try it in your Vue 2 projects and send us feedback!


Plugin permissions

Plugins can now be disabled by going to their details pane and toggling the Enabled switch. It's now also possible to manage their permissions. You don't want the Router plugin to add layers to the Timeline? Deactivate the 'Timeline' permission!


Other improvements

More interface and user experience refinements made it into this release! 👌️

Component persistent inspect

Work toward this long-awaited feature is now mostly complete! Selection of a component should be fully retained (if possible) between full page refreshes!

See it in action

Copy property path

You can now copy the path of a property in the inspectors:


Custom inspector state filter

You can now filter state in inspectors other than Components. Rejoice!

Hiding option

Don't want your app or some of your components to show up in the devtools? Add the devtools.hide option in your (root) components!

export default {
  devtools: { hide: true }

Edit computed setters

You can now edit computed with setters. 😻️

API changes

Please update @vue/devtools-api in your library top take advantage of those changes.

Those new API methods are available:

  • getComponentInstances
  • highlightElement
  • unhighlightElement

The addInspector gained a new noSelectionText option.

Browse the API Reference here

Many more bug fixes and improvements are listed here