Vue.js Devtools changelog
Vue.js Devtools changelog

Devtools 6 released!

The new devtools are finally released on the stable channels!

It's recommended you uninstall the beta version and install the new one:

Install the new Devtools


  • Huge Timeline performance improvements 🚀
  • Timeline controls updated, with mouse dragging and wheel zooming
  • Better Timeline HiDPI screens support
  • Many bug fixes 🐛

Update on Firefox

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Bug fixes


Many bugs where squashed (especially Vue 2 related) in this release! 🐛

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The Vue 2 plugin now display getters in the mutation timeline layer.

Screenshot from 2021-11-03 14-18-09.png

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Check for Vue version


The devtools now check for new Vue versions for each of your apps! Plus refinements to the Plugin Settings API and many bug fixes!

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Vue version check




The Apps menu will let you know when a new Vue version is available:


API Changes

Plugin settings

You can now react to changes made to the plugin settings by the user with the new api.on.setPluginSettings hook.

Pus the api.getSettings method got a new pluginId optional parameter.

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Vue 3 detection improved


We implemented changes in Vue 3.2.14 to allow the devtools to detect Vue apps even if they don't include the devtools-related code necessary to inspect them. Don't forget to update Vue to 3.2.14!

This update also includes other bug fixes.

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Improved popup


An hot fix has been made for the component order in the inspector tree.

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The extension popup has been revamped:

  • New Nuxt logo
  • Troubleshooting link
  • Screenshot of the devtools

Screenshot vue-devtools new popup.png

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Plugin Settings


This release is packed with performance improvements and bug fixes! 🚀

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The timeline now renders handy tooltips to get more information at a glance!

Screenshot from 2021-08-28 02-55-35.png

Plugin API





Plugin settings

Plugins can now expose custom settings to the user with the settings option and the api.getSettings() method.

Screenshot from 2021-09-18 23-19-37.png

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Basically the stable version


Update on Firefox

Many bug fixes and small improvements are included in this last beta.

New features:

  • A new "Force refresh" button in the component inspectors (you can also click on the selected component again in the tree).
  • api.on.timelineCleared

The docs were updated with a FAQ and other improvements. You can also now read the Vue Devtools Plugin development guide on the website.

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The new devtools will soon be released in the stable channel, so existing users of v5 will automatically upgrade to v6. To update your beta version, you will need to disable/uninstall it and install the stable version.

But don't worry! Links will be posted here with "Legacy" versions in case you want/need to downgrade to v5.

Iframe support for Vue 2


A small update that adds support for iframe for Vue 2 apps and fixes the component highlighter position (taking the iframe position into account).

Screenshot from 2021-06-09 13-47-53.png

Update on Firefox

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Release Candidate


Unless any major issue is found, this is the last beta release of the rewritten devtools!

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Iframe support

An old feature request has finally landed in the devtools! You can now inspect apps that are inside iframes:


Timeline changes

Some refinement and style tweaks make the timeline easier to use. If you have trouble using the mouse wheel to navigate the timeline, new buttons next to the scrollbar allow you to zoom in and out, and to move around:


You can also use the keyboard to navigate the events list.

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