Introducing JetBackup 5

We are proud to announce the incredibly well-refined JetBackup 5 release to our Elastic Cloud hosting plans. From our benchmarks so far, we have seen backup and restore performance increase by around 160%.

When JetBackup 5 is released to the stable tier, we will be rolling out even faster backups through an alternative S3 compatible provider to improve backup redundancy throughout all of our infrastructures.

Increased Email Sending Limits

A couple of weeks ago we had decided to put some restrictions on email delivery. However, due to high demand, we had increased our sending limits from 75/h to 100/h for all accounts (excluding our Elastic Cloud plans, which hold larger limits as standard).

Email Delivery Limits

Due to a number of abuse cases, we have been forced to revise our current configuration, limits and policies in terms of outbound mail.

As part of that revision, we will be decreasing our sending limit per account to 75/hour.

On checking through our service delivery statistics, for genuine usage, we anticipate less than 2% of accounts to be affected by the change globally.

The new limits ensure that we are able to continue to provide MailChannels, which we know remains ever-popular within our hosting solutions.

Introducing Elastic Cloud by VoxVM

Easy to begin, impossible to outgrow

The Elastic Cloud is a high availability solution, designed for larger sites/e-commerce due to the fact you have more resources available. It also offers high availability through a ‘failover’ / ‘cluster’ system.

With this, you receive cPanel access, so is simple to manage, and will be familiar with what you are used to already.

Bolt-Cache Update - Addon Domains

We have improved the Bolt-Cache interface, and have also improved the handling of addon domains which previously had a bug.

The Bolt-Cache interface can now be used to apply the most common caching methods to addon domains, as well as the main domains for a cPanel account.

Increased LVE Limits - Memory Limits now increased to 2GB!

We are pleased to announce that we have increased our memory limits on all servers, completely free of charge! 🏆

The default LVE limits are now 2 CPU Cores, 2GB RAM for every single cPanel account on our shared and reseller servers.

Our 'Resource Boost' option has also been doubled, now boosting your accounts to a huge 4 Cores and 4GB RAM for just £3.95 per month!

Security Upgrades - BitNinja


For a number of months, we have used a combination of tools for security on our servers, including CSF, ModSecurity and cpGuard for Malware protection.

We have spent several months planning implementation of the BitNinja suite to bring a number of security and performance benefits to you, free of charge. As such, a number of changes are being implemented to bring you leading-edge protection to your sites.

Please note that due to the extent of those changes, this is being done on a gradual rollout spanning the next week or so.

For more information on BitNinja, see the following…