Introducing Elastic Cloud by VoxVM

Easy to begin, impossible to outgrow

The Elastic Cloud is a high availability solution, designed for larger sites/e-commerce due to the fact you have more resources available. It also offers high availability through a ‘failover’ / ‘cluster’ system.

With this, you receive cPanel access, so is simple to manage, and will be familiar with what you are used to already.

Bolt-Cache Update - Addon Domains

We have improved the Bolt-Cache interface, and have also improved the handling of addon domains which previously had a bug.

The Bolt-Cache interface can now be used to apply the most common caching methods to addon domains, as well as the main domains for a cPanel account.

Increased LVE Limits - Memory Limits now increased to 2GB!

We are pleased to announce that we have increased our memory limits on all servers, completely free of charge! 🏆

The default LVE limits are now 2 CPU Cores, 2GB RAM for every single cPanel account on our shared and reseller servers.

Our 'Resource Boost' option has also been doubled, now boosting your accounts to a huge 4 Cores and 4GB RAM for just £3.95 per month!

Security Upgrades - BitNinja


For a number of months, we have used a combination of tools for security on our servers, including CSF, ModSecurity and cpGuard for Malware protection.

We have spent several months planning implementation of the BitNinja suite to bring a number of security and performance benefits to you, free of charge. As such, a number of changes are being implemented to bring you leading-edge protection to your sites.

Please note that due to the extent of those changes, this is being done on a gradual rollout spanning the next week or so.

For more information on BitNinja, see the following…