VisWiz changelog
VisWiz changelog

Comparison sensitivity 🔧




Projects can now be configured with a custom sensitivity setting used when detecting image differences.


Projects dashboards 📋





Projects can now be organized in multiple customizable dashboards.


Revamped diff viewer 🔍





We rebuilt our diff viewer to allow better reviews of visual changes using zooming in and out.


Microsoft Teams reports





Projects can be configured to now post visual regression reports in a Microsoft Teams channel. ✅ Microsoft Teams Report

Ignore regions





Each image inside a project can now be configured with any number of regions that will be ignored when performing the visual regression testing.

This is useful when the test data used for capturing the images of the app can not be predictable.


This feature is available for Pro plans only.

Custom similarity threshold





Each project can now configure a custom similarity threshold (X) for its visual comparisons.

This means that if an image has more than X% of its area different than its reference image, then it is considered a visually different image.


Github pull request integration





Our Github App is now available!

When a pull request is opened or updated in your repositories, you get notified by directly in your PR about the status of your changes and a descriptive comment is added with a summary of the visual regression testing.


git checkout -b feature/branch





Builds get associated to a branch as well as a revision, bringing closer to your project repository.

Builds use the project's default branch as a reference point for comparisons.

Emoji all the things





Builds names support 💯 emojis 🕶, so let your creativity run wild 🦄! Emojis are displayed correctly in our web reports, Slack notifications and email reports. 🤗

New projects page





A new projects page has been introduced with a clean UI. Together with this change, the inner projects pages have also received an enhanced sidebar.