Referral URLs now passed to MailChimp


If you use MailChimp, we will now pass the users referral URL to MailChimp along with name, email, and any other basic information your requested from them.

If your campaign is already connected to MailChimp as of June 14, just disconnect and reconnect and the new feature will take effect immediately.

Visit Site Action Updates


The Visit Site action now lets you add a photo and a description. Previously, the action only included a button that would link to any URL, but you can now upload an image and even add a description if you would like. The image will link to the URL you input on the action.

Here is what the action looks like when setting it up:

Here is what the action looks like for the user:

Klaviyo Source


We've updated our Klaviyo integration to now pass the source information so you know which people being added to your list came from ViralSweep.

When clicking on a user in your list/segment, you should now see under information: $source viralsweep

Facebook Embed Post Action


Similar to our Twitter Retweet action where you can embed your own Tweets, you can now embed your public Facebook posts and have users visit them to earn additional entries.

To add the action, go to the social actions section and click on:

Facebook > Embed Post

On the action itself, input the URL to the post, and the # of entries to award for having someone visit the post. In order to obtain your Facebook post URL, click on the date/time of the post, and then copy the URL in the browser.

After entering the promotion, the action will look like this:

Phone Number Field Minimum Length


You can now set the minimum length of a phone number that a user must input. Previously, phone numbers had to be 10 digits in length or longer.

To set the minimum length, simply click on the phone field, and type in a number to set the min length.

Direct Campaign Links


If you're looking to get up and going quickly with a campaign without hosting it on your site, we've added a shortened direct link to your campaign above each title that you can use. Feel free to copy this link and use it to promote your campaign.

As always, you can also click on the Install button to get the code to install your campaign, or get the direct links to your campaign hosted by ViralSweep.

Validate All Test Entries At Once


We've included a feature to allow you to validate all test entries at one time, in the case that you forgot to switch your campaign from TEST to LIVE.

Previously, you'd have to go page by page and approve test entries 20 at a time, but now we've added a button that will automatically validate all test entries on your campaign.

On the entrants tab, switch to TEST and in the lower right corner there will be a button to validate all test entries.

Podcast Subscribe Action


We've just added a new Podcast subscribe action. If you have a podcast on iTunes, you can now ask people to subscribe to your podcast. Since there is no way for us to know if the user actually subscribes due to the iTunes API not providing us with this information, we award the entry when the user clicks to go to iTunes.

If the user already has iTunes installed on their device, it will launch iTunes. If iTunes is not installed, they will be taken to the podcast page on the iTunes website where they will then be prompted to install iTunes.

Share via Facebook Messenger


You can now share campaigns directly to Facebook Messenger on both desktop and mobile devices. When adding the share action you will see a checkbox for allowing sharing through Facebook Messenger.

For entrants, they will see the Facebook Messenger icon when they click the share action:

On desktop this will open Facebook and allow them to select friends to send the promotion to.

On mobile it will open the Facebook Messenger app if it is installed on the users phone. It will automatically populate the content of the URL it is sharing, and users just need to select friends to send it to.

Support for Instagram Galleries


On February 22, 2017, Instagram announced their new gallery feature that allows you to to add up to 10 photos or images into a single Instagram post. Any submissions to a contest on ViralSweep using an Instagram link will be able to support these new Instagram gallery media types.

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