Facebook Videos Added to Galleries

You can now have users submit Facebook video URLs into any video contest and those videos will display in the gallery.

Daily/Weekly Entry Analytics

We've added a new stat under analytics which will now show the number of daily/weekly entries on the campaign.

Manage Brands Updates

We've made the following changes to our pricing plans:

  • Business Plan can now manage 2 total brands (previously 1)
  • Premium Plan can now manage 5 total brands (previously unlimited)

Users of our Premium Plan have been grandfathered in, so you will continue to have the ability to manage unlimited brands. New users will need to contact us to add more than 5 brands to an account.

Duplicate Across Brands

For accounts that manage multiple brands, you can now duplicate campaigns across the brands you are managing.

For example, if you have a campaign in Brand A, you can now duplicate it to Brand B if that brand lives within your account.

Please note: If you've been invited to a brand as an editor or admin, you will not be able duplicate campaigns from the invited account into brands that you own.

Captcha Language Support

We've updated our Captcha feature to now include language support for 73 different languages.

Daily Entry Pre-filled fields

We've updated our daily entry system to now pre-fill fields for users so they do not have to type in the same information each day. We will automatically pre-fill all standard fields, like name, email, address, city, state, zip, country, phone, and birthday.

If a user returns to the page on a different day from the same device, the form will automatically be filled out for them with the previous information they submitted. However, if they return to the form from a different device than the one they originally entered from, they will still need to fill out the form again.

Collect Payments

We've rolled out our new payments feature which integrates with Stripe.com. This feature is available on the Premium plan. This will allow you to collect payments for specific campaign types that you run.

Learn more: Payments

Daily Entry Changes

We've completely reconfigured the daily entry system so that you can now collect new data each day from your entrants.

Previously, daily entry would just reset the entry form, and when the user submits the form again we simply recognize that the same email address is submitting the form and we apply a daily entry.

With the new update, we now log all new information that the entrant has submitted with their daily entry, and we show this information on your data export.

This opens the door for you to collect more data from entrants every single day, especially if you are asking questions on your entry form.

Import Entries Changes

We've made an update to our bulk import feature (on the premium plan) that allows you to import entry data into your campaign.

Previously, you could only import standard fields that we supported. Now, you can import any field you want, including custom fields.

Learn more: Bulk Import Entries

Dashboard Speed Improvements

We've made speed improvements to the dashboards which should be especially noticeable for customers that have a lot of brands and campaigns within their account.

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