Partner Network is Live

Today we're sharing some exciting news: the Partner Network is live.

We introduced the Partner Network over a year ago as a simple place for ViralSweep customers to find and communicate with one another. If you found a brand you wanted to work with, you could message them through our messaging system to work out the details. That was it, simple and to the point.

Today, we're re-launching the Partner Network, and there is a whole lot more than just messaging!

Check out this quick overview video, or learn more below.


Hosting Campaigns

Brands can now host campaigns and invite partners directly to that campaign—even brands who are not ViralSweep customers. Brands you invite can be allowed (or not allowed) to access entries, edit the campaign, access analytics, and access the winners.

You can invite brands to your campaign straight from the Partner Network, or you can send out email invites from ViralSweep. A brand is not required to be a paying customer to be invited to your campaign, nor do they need to be part of ViralSweep for you to provide them with a tracking link.

Brands on our Business or Premium plan can host campaigns.


Campaign Opportunities

If you are hosting a campaign, you can open your campaign up to other brands via the Opportunities section of the Partner Network with the click of a button. You will receive requests to join from brands on the network saying what they can contribute. If you accept their request, you will be able to set permissions for that brand before they are granted access to the campaign in their own dashboard.

Joining Campaigns

We've made joining campaigns very easy. Find and join campaigns within the Opportunities section of the Partner Network, or join via a direct invite from a campaign host.

Beautiful Profiles

Every brand in the Partner Network now has a beautiful profile. We've already hand-crafted a profile for almost every brand currently in the network.

Your profile displays information about your company, email list size, industry, location, and social profiles.

This is just the beginning for profiles. Over time we will be adding more information to help you make more informed decisions about who you want to work with. In addition, profiles will also receive a Verified By ViralSweep badge so that you know you're working with trusted brands.

As of today, many profiles need to be updated. We've taken the liberty of going through and manually updating most profiles with logos and images, but we encourage you to login and edit your profile to ensure it is up to date.



We've completely overhauled our messaging system to make it super easy to communicate with brands, share files, and even create group messages with partners. We've reduced the clutter, streamlined the look and feel of the messaging system, and improved the notification system so that you won't miss any messages you receive.



Have questions? We've got answers. Check out our FAQ to have all your questions about the Partner Network answered.

We want your feedback

We've spent a lot of time working on our Partner Network and want to make it even better moving forward. Hate it? Love it? Have suggestions? Just reply to this email to let us know.

Instant Win Prize Editing, Previewing, and Duplicating

We've updated our Instant Win system to now allow you to edit prizes, preview them, and duplicate them. Previously, you could not edit a prize once it was saved, and you could only preview it by entering through the entry form. You also could not duplicate a prize.

We understood this was a major headache to setting up an Instant Win, and now you are able to save a prize, edit it, preview it, and even duplicate it.

You still cannot edit the prize settings once it is saved (odds or number of winners) but all of the content for that prize can be edited. If you make a mistake, you can now easily duplicate a prize to start a new one.

You will see these settings located at the bottom of each Instant Win prize you create.

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 7.22.07 AM.png

Klaviyo Integration Updated

We've updated our Klaviyo integration to the latest version of their lists API (v2) and now will pass through all of the following fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Address
  • Address 2
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code
  • Country
  • Phone
  • Birthday
  • Referral Link
  • Referral Source
  • Campaign Tracking Name (if you are using our tracking links feature)

Facebook Install Enabled

The bug with Facebook install has now been fixed and you can now install campaigns to your Facebook page on a page tab.

Facebook Install Disabled

Facebook has introduced a bug into their app review process which has accidentally revoked permissions from apps. Our app which allows us to install campaigns to your Facebook page has been affected. We are currently awaiting a resolution from Facebook. In the meantime, we've disabled the ability to install campaigns to Facebook.

Any customer who currently has a campaign installed on Facebook should remove the page tab and direct traffic to either the URL we provide, or to your website where you can install the campaign. We will provide an update when the issue has been resolved.

You can follow this bug on the Facebook developer forums.

Conversio Integration

We're now integrated with Conversio. You can connect your campaigns directly to your Conversio account and pass through information to any Conversio list.

Learn more: Conversio Integration


HubSpot Lists Now Supported

Our HubSpot integration now supports connecting to your HubSpot lists. Previously, we only allowed you to connect to a Form GUID and add users as contacts, but now you can add users directly to any HubSpot list.

Please note, we can only support static lists. The HubSpot API does not support adding users to dynamic lists.

Learn more: HubSpot Integration

Zaius Integration

We're now integrated with Zaius. You can connect your campaigns directly to your Zaius account and pass through information to any Zaius list.

Learn more: Zaius Integration


Intercom Integration

We're now integrated with Intercom. You can connect your campaigns directly to your Intercom account and pass through information as leads.

Learn more: Intercom Integration


Autocomplete Field

We've rolled out a new Autocomplete field that you can find under the forms section.

This is a searchable field which will allow users to begin typing into the field and it will autocomplete based on options you have input into the backend. The user can select an option, or even choose "other" and type in their own.

In addition, you can also pass through hidden option values, which is great if you have a list of unique ID's for each value that you need to track.

Learn more about the Autocomplete field.


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