Viralspy updates
Viralspy updates

Auto complete, 72-hours serach, mobile improvements.


New Features


We keep upgrading Viralspy by adding new features and improving the user experience. Yesterday we launched a couple of new features:

72 hours filter You can now find the hottest content by filtering the reports by posts from the past 72 hours.


Auto complete When adding accounts and hashtags, Viralspy now auto completes the search results for you. Find more accounts by typing keywords and letting the software find accounts for you to research.


Mobile improvements We have reorganized and restructured the mobile experience of viewing a report.

P.S Notice the performance of the post we've captured, it performed X6 timed better than average! Look how beautiful it is.


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New features


New Features



Viralspy improvements were released, check them out:

Content Search

Find exactly the topics you want to analyze with the content search bar


7-days, 30-days and 90days filters

Find out what worked recently to the accounts you monitor. Filter your reports quickly with the new time filters


Filter by profile

Filter the content by one or more of the profiles instead of all of them


One-click Copy Hashtags

Copy all of the hashtags of another post in just one click

image.png .

Use keyboard to navigate between posts

You can now use your keyboard left and right arrow keys to navigate between posts

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Latest feature updates




In the past days we have been working on improving the Viralspy app. It works faster, more reliably and it has a couple of new features.

Has been fixed:

  1. The issue of accounts not appearing in reports randomly
  2. Downloading content
  3. Removing accounts when creating reports
  4. Reports getting stuck when you run out of credits

New features:

  1. When you view a report it jumps to the top of the list in the reports page
  2. Average likes, comments and views shows now its percentage from the total number of followers of the account

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Interview with IG growth expert: Emmari


New Content


The video is an account review with engagement wizard Emmari (@thepostieshub) from New Zealand!

We analyzed a very interesting case focusing totally on the data, not on the content itself, as Reluca Lovin who applied to get his accounts reviewed - is from Romania.   Add myself from Israel and we are starting to grow a serious multi-national community here guys :)   We focused on tips on getting jump-started an Instagram account.

Questions about whether it's possible to manage successfully multiple accounts and how to convert your followers into customers.

We talked about brand awareness and what to do if you can optimize your content when you have only a little time to spend on Instagram and on content production.   And of not only IF but more important - HOW?

The content strategy for a beginner Instagram account Emmari shared in this video is a KEY to creating growth.

use viralspy (6).png Watch Now

Due to technical issue reports were deleted

We are getting many reports from users saying that their reports were gone. As part of upgrading the app and improving its stability it seems like some of the reports got deleted.

While our team is trying to restore them, we recommend creating your reports again. We are sorry for the inconvenience and will review the process that lead to the reports deletion to make sure it does not happen again.

Get your account reviewed (for free)


New Content


(Watch on YouTube)

Two days ago in I participated in a live session in our community where we reviewed accounts and gave personalized tips for growth. There was only enough time to review 5 accounts, so I decided to turn it into an ongoing format for our community. Some of the reviewed I will do by myself and in some of them I will host Instagram marketing experts to share their tips, designed specifically for your account.

But in order to get your account reviewed you'll have to show that you are serious about your growth, I ask you to fill out this application form which should take 10-15 minutes:

Watch the previous live review session here:

Copy caption text


New Features


Following your requests you can now copy the caption of posts in one click. What should we build next? Share your ideas and upvote other ideas in our suggestion box


More than 50% of the Viralspy team is from Ukraine


New Content


Today we #standwithukraine in solidarity. More than 50% of the team of Viralspy is from Ukraine and while we are managing to keep the operation up and running we are emotionally devastated by the scenery and stories our team members are sharing with us.

Viralspy issued donations to the Ukrainian red cross, to LifeLine Ukraine and to the Ukrainian defense forces.

The donation destinations were chosen by the Ukrainian team members themselves.

We pray together for better days and call for the digital marketing community around the world, including the Russian members of it, to spread together the message for peace.

Viralspy logo (500 x 500 px) (7).png

Viralspy Affiliate Program is here + giveaway

Instead of spending all of our money on Facebook and Google ads, we prefer to share the success of Viralspy with you. Share your unique affiliate link and get cash for customers you refer to Viralspy.

Together with the affiliate program we launch a giveaway of subscription discounts if you complete a challenge read more

Access your affiliate dashboard through the user menu at the top right corner of the app



New Features


Media type filters, downloader fixes


New Features


Media filters

We added media filters to the research results. You can filter the content by its type: images, carousels, reels. Whatever it is that you're planning to post, you can find easily.

media type filtr.png

Downloader fixes

In order to support the downloading of reels and carousels the download function was changed. From now on the media will be downloaded as a .zip file, it is supported in all operating systems (including iOS) so all of our users could enjoy a streamlined process