VinkersHosting updates
VinkersHosting updates CDN - Now available! is the first and only content delivery network with the ability to cache dynamic WordPress pages. Using QUIC as the transfer protocol, will make your website faster and more secure than the competition. greatly reduces transmission time to all of your site’s visitors, no matter where they live. Your website is potentially located across the globe from its visitors, but with, your content is cached on servers all around the world. When a visitor requests content from your site, a copy is served from the visitor’s nearest server location. By transmitting both static and dynamic content from the closest server, instead of from the main site server, dramatically speeds up your site.

Currently, the only CMS works with is WordPress.

Please Note: is still in its beta stage, and is not recommended for use in production environments.

All of our servers are now compatible with the service as standard, which can be enabled within the Litespeed Cache plugin for WordPress.