Viloud updates
Viloud updates

Send a Viloud channel to a Roku channel




Here you can see a guide about how to create a Roku channel from a Viloud channel.

To get this from Roku, you will be asked for a Feed URL. Now you can get this from our dashboard, just click on the "TV Apps" button on the channels list.


Download the recorded live streams and uploaded videos




Now you can download an MP4 file of your recorded live streams and your uploaded videos. To download the content, navigate to the content page and click in the new Download button.


Branded website with custom domain





Now you can create a customizable website according to your brand identity with one or a list of channels.

Add a custom domain to the website so your viewers can access you from your domain name.

Captura de pantalla de 2021-04-07 11-13-47.png

See our help guides for more info

Ads Monetization





Now you can monetize your channel through an ad tag URL. Viloud Player supports all key standards for video advertising: VAST, VPAID or VMAP.

Just add the ad tag URL, provided by an Ad provider (like Google AdSense, FreeWheel or SpotX) to your channel. You can easily find this option when creating or editing a channel, in the Player settings section.

After adding the ad tag URL, you can see it in action in your channel player. ad_tag_url.png

This feature is available from the Premium plan.

Live Streaming




We're happy to announce the launch of our live streaming feature, which is available now with the latest update. We worked hard and listened to your feedback and request, and we are proud to announce our newest feature which will change how you can use Viloud.

With this new feature, with Viloud we can upload both live and on-demand videos to the cloud easily.

For live streaming, you can broadcast to Viloud from both RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) encoder hardware or software encoder solutions including but not limited to OBS, vMix, and Wirecast.

There are several unique features while live streaming through Viloud:

  • Embed the live stream directly on your website or any website, or you can send the live stream to one or multiple Viloud channels. Viloud will automatically adjust this channel into a live state, and when the live session ends this channel will switch into an on-demand state.

  • All streamed content will be recorded automatically so you can use it as on-demand content in your Viloud channels.

  • Live minutes streamed will be counted like minutes hosted on the Viloud channel.


The live streaming feature is available starting from Viloud’s Business plan.

Start live streaming today from the Lives page.

Get the M3U8 link for a linear channel





Now you can ingest the 24/7 live feed of your linear channel in a third-party player for your website, your apps (mobile/Smart TV/set-top-box) or OTT platforms like Roku, Apple TV, etc.

To get the .m3u8 link, please create a linear channel with the option "I want the .m3u8 link of this channel to ingest in a 3rd party video player or platform" selected.


Please note that all videos added to these channels must be:

  • Videos uploaded to our cloud (through our upload page).
  • Or .m3u8 VOD links (from your own video hosting/CDN).

This feature is available from the Premium plan. You can try the live feed in a third-party player during one minute from any plan and once you upgrade to Premium, you will get full access.

Add the same video multiple times to one playlist





Now you can add the same video multiple times to a looped or on demand channel.

Just uncheck the option Hide videos added to the channel in the Add video popup and you will be able to select and add videos already added to the channel.


Video Hosting




Now you can easily upload videos from your computer to our cloud. Videos can be of any length and size and you can upload them one by one or multiple at one time. We accept the major video formats, see here which video formats we support.

Video Hosting is now available for all our subscription plans and each plan includes a number of free minutes to upload and free minutes to stream, overages fees only will be applied if these limits are exceeded. For more info, see how the billing works.

Start uploading your videos today from the Uploads page.


Change the email address for your account





You can now update your Viloud account email address from your Account Settings page (except if you signed up through Google). Note that all communications from us are sent to your email address.

See our help guides for more info

Weekly scheduler




Now you can schedule the content of your scheduled channel on a weekly basis.

If you already have a scheduled channel created and you want to convert it to weekly, just edit it and change the scheduler duration.

In addition, we've improved the scheduler area being now easier to manage and more powerful than ever, including the following functionality:

  • Keyboard support: Arrow keys, Ctrl, Shift and Delete.
  • Remove all scheduled items.
  • Remove all blank spaces.
  • Select and remove multiple items.
  • Add the content directly to the end of the list.


Need more help? See how to use the scheduler on our help guides.