Vev Design changelog
Vev Design changelog

Video Courses and Bug Fixes





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Introducing the Crash Course to the Vev Academy

We've added new video lessons under the Crash Course playlist on our Youtube channel. This course was designed for beginner users to get comfortable with Vev but is also a great recap for more advanced users.

Check it out on Youtube





  • Copying and pasting the URL in the publish dialog resulted in strange characters; this has been fixed
  • Horizontal Scrolling Section: Fixed an issue with the Horizontal Scrolling Section that results in extra white space on mobile in certain designs
  • Fixed an issue with the type tool where typing '<<' resulted in the text box breaking
  • Fixed an issue where project cover images were not displaying for public templates once added to a user's dashboard
  • Added the ability to individually select frames and elements in the Page Content Panel by CMD-clicking on them
  • Fixed an issue where CTRL-clicking an element with a trackpad resulted in the context menu popping up but the element would move around in the background.
  • Fixed an issue when adding a title to a project and exiting mid-way by hitting escape or clicking outside the input dialog would cause the Editor to crash