Vev Design changelog
Vev Design changelog

🛠 This Week in Updates and Bug Fixes

We've been busy! A few little (but major life enhancements) following our release of an improvement to the publishing menu.



  • The pop-up to download the zip archive of your content is no longer blocked! Whew, that was a bit annoying for some
  • Assets like videos will no longer appear in your media library when duplicating a project. Fresh, clean setup from the start
  • In the Content Editor, working too quickly sometimes resulted in sections disappearing. We've fixed this by adding pop-ups warning you to slow down; just kidding we fixed the issue
  • The button to go back to the Design Editor from the Page Settings was a bit too white; we now made it the perfect amount of white
  • Fixed an issue where adding a custom breakpoint sometimes resulted in the breakpoint settings not being saved
  • Fixed an issue after creating a new project, when a user clicked back in the web browser it would take them back to the preset screen resulting in two new projects
  • Users would experience an error 'Invalid Publish Settings' keeping them from publishing, even if all plugins were marked green with correct information. Now, green means go or all good (as it should).


  • Added LinkedIn as an option for the Social Sharing element
  • Add Publish Destination button now opens in a new tab
  • Added a warning when a credit card is declined in the Account Billing Settings