Vev Design changelog
Vev Design changelog

This Week's Fixes and Updates




Figma Import.png

What if you could turn static Figma designs files (.fig) into fully-functional, interactive websites without coding anything? Rather than having to rebuild your Figma design from scratch, you can now just import it into Vev in a few easy steps. 🤫



  • Design Editor: Some users reported not having the refresh button on canvas; this has been fixed.

  • Design Editor: Burger menu - Link to element - Scrolling takes too long to reach bottom

  • Design Editor: You can now copy/paste content without having to create a section first.

  • Design Editor: The link add-on now scrolls smoothly regardless of how far down the element is.

  • Design Editor: We've fixed the issue where changing the opacity on the Fill layer of a section would reset its fill color to black.

  • Content Editor: Some users reported not being able to modify links, animations, or add-on settings on shapes; this has been fixed.

  • Publishing: Previously, page slugs could contain spaces, which would make the expected URL show up with a 404; this has been fixed and any spaces contained in the slug will be stripped away automatically.

  • Publishing: Adding capital letters into the URL paths will cause pathing issues on preview; this has been fixed.

  • Sharing: Some users reported that sensitive data can potentially be exposed if Vev is used in a system where a token or similar is present in the URL; this has been fixed.

  • Template: Custom tags can now be saved both by pressing “enter” and clicking on the tag’s name.