Vev Design changelog
Vev Design changelog

🛠️ This Week's Fixes

Our Dev team's bug sprint is in full swing and we have been squashing some of the pesky bugs in the platform. 💪



  • Design Editor: For those who have encountered a crash after inserting a text entry upon creating a project; this issue has been fixed.

  • Design Editor: Collapsed height on expandable section could not be lower than height on Desktop for some users; this issue has been fixed.

  • Account Settings: Deleted profile pictures will no longer reappear after a while.

  • Content Editor: Changing a video element will now immediately reflect without needing to reload.

  • Onboarding: For those new users who were experiencing “failed to create publish settings”; this issue has now been fixed.

  • Onboarding: Yikes! New users who are invited to an account will no longer be stuck with the "Create a project" page.

  • Hosting: Project list with long URLs would cause the context menu to disappear to the right; this issue has been fixed.

  • Publishing: Clicking a link in the standard menu would not work in published content if the page URL contains a “/” at the end of it; this issue has been fixed.