Vev Design changelog
Vev Design changelog

⚒️ This Week's Fixes

Since the last update, we have been working hard on new feature releases for y'all (no spoiler alert). 🤫 In the meantime, here are some fixes that we have achieved while cooking up some new features.



  • One would lose the Teams overview until they go back to account/teams route; this now has been fixed.
  • Project - Template: Card thumbnails did not reflect the cover photo as seen from Project, this now has been fixed.
  • Integrations: If spaces are added before/after some settings on Integrations, they fail (Google Tag Manager). This now has been fixed.
  • Account - Subscribe: Error occurred when users would try to subscribe; this now has been fixed.
  • Main components (Beta): Adding a main component did not maintain the original dimensions; this now has been fixed.