Vev Design changelog
Vev Design changelog

New UI is live!





A brand new user interface for the Design Editor

We have made some pretty significant changes to the layout of our Design Editor.

You will now find the toolbar as a horizontal top bar instead of the vertical left as it was previously. We have done this to declutter the editor to make it more spacious and intuitive.

What's changed?

  • Contextual tools: are found in the center of the toolbar. Which tools you see depends on the objects selected

  • Main Components [Beta]: Any time you make a change to a Main Component, it updates all the component’s instances automatically. This will save you time on repetitive work, speed up your design workflow, and make maintenance and collaboration easier, while also improving your site’s performance

  • Bundle drag: Has been added to objects on the canvas, and comes in two modes:

  • Use the icon at the top of an object’s frame to simultaneously move the object and everything below the top of the selected object

  • Use the icon at the bottom to move everything below the bottom of the selected object’s frame while simultaneously stretching the selected object

  • Forking Vev Components: In the Code Editor, You now have the possibility to make a copy of a Vev Component that allows you to freely experiment with it without affecting the original

  • Widgets have been renamed to Elements to remove confusion, as “widgets” is typically used for extra functionality

  • The Add Menu has gotten a makeover with an all-new layout with categories

  • Addons are now a contextual tool

  • The Vev Store is gone, but don’t worry: The library has been moved into the Add Menu. You no longer have to install a package, as they’re all readily available for use

  • Pages have also gotten a new look and feel to it with a new overview layout

  • The Code Editor has been moved into the editor

  • Components and FormData now preview directly in the Code Editor