Vev Design changelog
Vev Design changelog

New Template, Features and Improvements





Templates are here!

We know, we know — templates have been a major request from all of you and we wanted to let you know that they are here! Next time you create a new project, you can choose to start from five templates and get started with pre-made, beautiful landing pages. 

The best part? We’ve woven in your favorite features like scrollytelling images, sticky positioning and scroll speed. 

And don't worry…there's more to come next month 😉

Also added this month:

Video Carousel: Beautifully showcase your videos in a carousel, either upload (size limit: 1GB) or embed it straight from the source. 

Image Carousel: You simply got too many awesome images that you'd like to showcase in one view? Well guess what, now you can ;) 

Isometric View: Apply a 3D transformation to a layer and rotate the layer to a specific degree in any of the three dimensional axis (x,y,z).





Improved hosting

We've completely revamped our hosting UI and options to provide an even better experience.

  • Publish, upload and UNPUBLISH your site or content if needed 🎊🥳
  • Manually re-issue your SSL in the Hosting panel
  • When setting up a new hosting, write, read and delete permissions are enabled by default but can be changed
  • Made it easier to manage 301 and 302 redirects with clearer UI 👀

Enhanced Image Optimization (just like Netflix!)

Out with the old, in with the new. Vev now converts JPEGs and PNGS to the optimized AVIF and WebP image formats — which significantly improves speed & performance and consumes less cellular data.

Not sure what these new formats are? Read this to find out more.





Bug fixes 🐛

Found any bugs? Make sure to report them using the chat bubble directly in the platform 🙌.


  • Fixed an issue with email verification when users have signed up via email/password instead of SSO
  • Fixed an issue with invoicing resulting in error downloading in certain situations

Design Editor

  • Fixed an issue with the Layer Panel which was causing elements to snap back in place when moving below the last section of a page
  • Fixed an issue with Adobe fonts set per workspace
  • Fixed an issue with custom fonts not applying in preview mode
  • Fixed an issue with updating custom font name
  • Fixed multiple issues with the Text Editor in regards to rotating text creating a second element, inline text links not functioning as expected, type tool closing unexpectedly, difficult exiting out of ordered & unordered lists, and tab spacing causing unexpected layout behavior.

Code Editor

  • Fixed an issue when writing specific syntax in widget forms.tsx which sometimes resulted in crashing the editor making it unable to open again

Content Editor

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in locked elements still displaying frame UI


  • Fixed an issue that caused projects to show multiple staging publish endpoints
  • Fixed an issue when users published a project it would sometimes result in a long load time or even hang up with no retry option


  • Menu items in templates now carry over into new projects created from the same template
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the template owner account not being viewable sometimes in the project and dashboard

Live content

  • Fixed an issue with view height on published content
  • Fixed a load time issue that resulted in CSS styles not applying immediately