Vev Design changelog
Vev Design changelog

New Effects in the Design Editor

We've made room for some new effects and had a rather successful bug sprint this week, check it out for yourself 😉




We've bundled our effects under one option now in the style panel. But don't worry this is just a slight UI change and will make room for even more new effects in the future.

From the new effects option in the Style Panel you will be able to add a:

  • Drop shadow
  • Inner shadow
  • Blur
  • Background blur

Read our docs for more info on the changes




Whew! This week our team went full-force on user-submitted issues as well as a regular product audit to identify and get rid of any of those peskier bugs.

Design Editor

  • Tab is no longer a shortcut for preview, just use p for that!
  • Fixed an issue with the Lottie Animation element that would sometimes result in an error when uploading a file, all good now!
  • Now, when embedding a project which has interactions or a navigation element, clicking or interacting with the embed code will not send the user back to the top.
  • In the project layouts thumbnail viewer, device icons are adjusted to connect to the specific breakpoints
  • In some instances, an invisible popover made clicking the page and page content panel inaccessible. It's now all clickable!
  • If a Text box has the text “<<” at the start of it, the editor reported an error while publishing the project. Now, no more!
  • Videos will now appear in the media library of a duplicated project
  • Depending on your parameters, some users were not able to add a custom breakpoint to their projects, this has been fixed
  • For slideshow element, you can now save an animation as a preset to easily add to other elements in your project
  • When applying the sticky position addon to an element or frame, you no longer need to refresh your entire project to see it take effect
  • The shared style editor, font dropdown, now shows the user-selected font instead of Lato

Code Editor

  • Now, you can an icon to your custom element that will show in the Design Editor for the rest of the team
  • Error messages were shown behind a tab bar sometimes, now it's in front of your face, as it should be
  • When forking widgets, utility files or included files now get copied
  • Developers now can change package.json Icon without any conflicts

Hosting, Embedding, Publishing

  • We made an email an optional parameter in the hosting settings page even for a secret owner
  • Now, when embedding a project which has interactions or a navigation element, clicking or interacting with the embed code will not send the user back to the top
  • If there is an error in publishing or the loading hangs, you will now see a 'Retry' button. Hallelejuah 🙌
  • Deleting hosting will now in fact, delete the hosting (this was occurring in certain edge cases)
  • ‘Not Implemented’ error message when adding “always Included” hosting no longer pops up
  • Selecting a Hosting endpoint now correctly shows the hosting path, workspace path, or team path in an “Add Destination” dialog box

Content Editor

  • Previewing certain elements in the Content Editor took up a lot of rendering space resulting in a black screen when editing text or scrolling. We've improved that so it won't happen again.
  • Canvas was turning black after editing text or scrolling - again. But now fixed. Some Elements Preview windows used to take up a massive amount of space, rendering the code-bit


  • When entering a shared team, accounts are no longer swapped; similarly, all shared teams will now be listed in the dropdown, instead of just a few (and we've made the menu a little bigger to make it easier to click)
  • When changing teams, you used to get a message with 'Account changed' but that has been removed to avoid any confusion