Vev Design changelog
Vev Design changelog

Preview Templates from the Create Page




New Feature Preview Templates.gif

You can now preview how templates will appear across different breakpoints before starting a new project.

Simply, create a new project and click 'Preview' on any template to check out what it will look like on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

If you want this feature for your own personal and account templates, just make sure to republish!

Style Panel Redesign and New Layout Features


We're excited to announce a brand new Style Panel and new layout features that will improve how you build fully responsive designs 🎉

Perhaps our biggest release yet, we've introduced new features & improvements to the platform, specifically the Design Editor.



  • The Style Panel has a new UI: We've brought in our design system, Silke to the Style Panel and plan to roll out further UI changes in the coming months
  • Constraints have replaced origin: A new layout feature, constraints will define how a element or frame is positioned within a section. It is fully automatic but can be manually overridden.
  • Automatic Sizing: An additional value to sizing, by specifying elements or sections to be auto height or width, the element will automatically size based on what’s inside of them
  • Style Indicator: The style indicator tool lets you see which styles are applied to an element: default, custom, or inherited [from the main layout]. By utilizing this tool, you can decrease the number of responsive adjustments needed and work closer to a truly responsive design based on a single layout.
  • Lock Size & Aspect Ratio: Ever had trouble getting the right size for a Youtube embed? Now you can ensure that elements like images and videos retain the same aspect ratio on any breakpoint. Simply, click on the lock aspect ratio icon or use the shortcut ↑ + L. You can also right-click to reveal a menu of popular aspect ratios.
  • Clip Content: You can now clip any element within a frame to avoid it extending outside its container. We recommend still sizing elements to be responsive within a frame but clip content will allow you to achieve more custom designs.


  • Default Relative Sizing (%): When you first add an element to your canvas the position and width will be set to a percentage. This is to prompt best practice, responsive building from the start. You will be able to manually switch back to a fixed value like pixels (px).
  • New Safe Zone Design: You may have noticed the safe zone also got a makeover. With the light green background, you’ll be able to see the boundaries even more clearly as you build your responsive layout.
  • Remapping of Style Tools: We’ve completely redesigned the Style panel and remapped where certain tools are based on user tests. Don't worry, no tools have been removed but you may notice them in a different order now.
  • Improved Frame Padding: Now you can set spacing options like padding to frames!
  • Distance Indicator: We've introduced a new guide tool that will show you the exact pixel value when you position elements. This will help to ensure you have pixel-perfect designs.

To learn more about these changes, visit our Help Center and also watch the webinar.

Video Courses and Bug Fixes





Crash Course.png

Introducing the Crash Course to the Vev Academy

We've added new video lessons under the Crash Course playlist on our Youtube channel. This course was designed for beginner users to get comfortable with Vev but is also a great recap for more advanced users.

Check it out on Youtube





  • Copying and pasting the URL in the publish dialog resulted in strange characters; this has been fixed
  • Horizontal Scrolling Section: Fixed an issue with the Horizontal Scrolling Section that results in extra white space on mobile in certain designs
  • Fixed an issue with the type tool where typing '<<' resulted in the text box breaking
  • Fixed an issue where project cover images were not displaying for public templates once added to a user's dashboard
  • Added the ability to individually select frames and elements in the Page Content Panel by CMD-clicking on them
  • Fixed an issue where CTRL-clicking an element with a trackpad resulted in the context menu popping up but the element would move around in the background.
  • Fixed an issue when adding a title to a project and exiting mid-way by hitting escape or clicking outside the input dialog would cause the Editor to crash

New Template, Features and Improvements





Templates are here!

We know, we know — templates have been a major request from all of you and we wanted to let you know that they are here! Next time you create a new project, you can choose to start from five templates and get started with pre-made, beautiful landing pages. 

The best part? We’ve woven in your favorite features like scrollytelling images, sticky positioning and scroll speed. 

And don't worry…there's more to come next month 😉

Also added this month:

Video Carousel: Beautifully showcase your videos in a carousel, either upload (size limit: 1GB) or embed it straight from the source. 

Image Carousel: You simply got too many awesome images that you'd like to showcase in one view? Well guess what, now you can ;) 

Isometric View: Apply a 3D transformation to a layer and rotate the layer to a specific degree in any of the three dimensional axis (x,y,z).





Improved hosting

We've completely revamped our hosting UI and options to provide an even better experience.

  • Publish, upload and UNPUBLISH your site or content if needed 🎊🥳
  • Manually re-issue your SSL in the Hosting panel
  • When setting up a new hosting, write, read and delete permissions are enabled by default but can be changed
  • Made it easier to manage 301 and 302 redirects with clearer UI 👀

Enhanced Image Optimization (just like Netflix!)

Out with the old, in with the new. Vev now converts JPEGs and PNGS to the optimized AVIF and WebP image formats — which significantly improves speed & performance and consumes less cellular data.

Not sure what these new formats are? Read this to find out more.





Bug fixes 🐛

Found any bugs? Make sure to report them using the chat bubble directly in the platform 🙌.


  • Fixed an issue with email verification when users have signed up via email/password instead of SSO
  • Fixed an issue with invoicing resulting in error downloading in certain situations

Design Editor

  • Fixed an issue with the Layer Panel which was causing elements to snap back in place when moving below the last section of a page
  • Fixed an issue with Adobe fonts set per workspace
  • Fixed an issue with custom fonts not applying in preview mode
  • Fixed an issue with updating custom font name
  • Fixed multiple issues with the Text Editor in regards to rotating text creating a second element, inline text links not functioning as expected, type tool closing unexpectedly, difficult exiting out of ordered & unordered lists, and tab spacing causing unexpected layout behavior.

Code Editor

  • Fixed an issue when writing specific syntax in widget forms.tsx which sometimes resulted in crashing the editor making it unable to open again

Content Editor

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in locked elements still displaying frame UI


  • Fixed an issue that caused projects to show multiple staging publish endpoints
  • Fixed an issue when users published a project it would sometimes result in a long load time or even hang up with no retry option


  • Menu items in templates now carry over into new projects created from the same template
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the template owner account not being viewable sometimes in the project and dashboard

Live content

  • Fixed an issue with view height on published content
  • Fixed a load time issue that resulted in CSS styles not applying immediately

Product Fixes





Bug Fixes 🐛  

  • Fixed the bug where elements were not disappearing in the layer panel when deleted

  • Fixed the bug where inputting certain pixel sizing (such as 200 or 900) resulted in the incorrect container size

  • Removing dark color in project color palette now works

  • Google Hosting Brought Down Access to the Editor, full incident report here

Text Editor Improvements and Product Fixes





Text Editor Improvements

Great news! We’ve launched a new version of the text editor based on your feedback.

What’s new:

You asked, we listened. You’ll now be able to add super/subscripts, dropcaps and code injections in the text editor.

What’s improved:

  • Type tools such as (H1-H4, table, quote and numbered/bullet lists) have been moved to the top-bar of the editors. We found this creates an improved, frictionless UXI/UI experience.

  • Copy/paste from Google Docs is improved to make your workflow smoother (Amen!)

  • Tables have gotten easier to work with. Better table functionality and responsiveness are coming soon!

What's Next:

You tell us! We’re always working on improvements, but your opinion impacts our prioritization.

Check out our roadmap and vote for the features you’d like to see or submit your own request.





Bug Fixes 🐛

  • Fixed a bug where fonts did not carry over when duplicating a project or copying and pasting a section
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases the hosting dialog box did not show the full set of hosting options
  • Fixed a bug with the lazy load where videos appearing in view on page load were not affected
  • The parameter panels now stay in view and are cut off for all browser window sizes
  • Text editor indenting is now consistent! No more weird quirks in rare cases
  • Platform and content downtime, full incident report here
  • Google Firebase Brought Down Access to the Platform, full incident report here

Looking for Beta Users! Video Scroll Feature





Made famous by brands like Apple and The New York Times, Video Scroll is an immersive technique that controls the progress of a video through the user's scroll.

We are excited to announce that we are close to finalizing this functionality into Vev in the form of an easy-to-customize element and section 🎉🎊.

Check out Video Scroll in Vev

We are currently looking for beta users, if you're interested reach out to us on Discord or email us at

New UI is live!





A brand new user interface for the Design Editor

We have made some pretty significant changes to the layout of our Design Editor.

You will now find the toolbar as a horizontal top bar instead of the vertical left as it was previously. We have done this to declutter the editor to make it more spacious and intuitive.

What's changed?

  • Contextual tools: are found in the center of the toolbar. Which tools you see depends on the objects selected

  • Main Components [Beta]: Any time you make a change to a Main Component, it updates all the component’s instances automatically. This will save you time on repetitive work, speed up your design workflow, and make maintenance and collaboration easier, while also improving your site’s performance

  • Bundle drag: Has been added to objects on the canvas, and comes in two modes:

  • Use the icon at the top of an object’s frame to simultaneously move the object and everything below the top of the selected object

  • Use the icon at the bottom to move everything below the bottom of the selected object’s frame while simultaneously stretching the selected object

  • Forking Vev Components: In the Code Editor, You now have the possibility to make a copy of a Vev Component that allows you to freely experiment with it without affecting the original

  • Widgets have been renamed to Elements to remove confusion, as “widgets” is typically used for extra functionality

  • The Add Menu has gotten a makeover with an all-new layout with categories

  • Addons are now a contextual tool

  • The Vev Store is gone, but don’t worry: The library has been moved into the Add Menu. You no longer have to install a package, as they’re all readily available for use

  • Pages have also gotten a new look and feel to it with a new overview layout

  • The Code Editor has been moved into the editor

  • Components and FormData now preview directly in the Code Editor