Vev Design changelog
Vev Design changelog

This Week's Update




Side Panel Settings .png

We’ve just updated the UI and UX of the side panel settings for an even smoother project and page management experience.

Plus, we’ve added an eyedropper tool so that you can quickly select and sample colors from any object or image on your canvas without relying on third-party tools.

This has been a much-requested feature by our community, so we are especially happy to finally deliver it. 🥳

Learn more about it here.

This Week's Updates and Fixes

Frame 794.png




"Site Plans" Are Becoming "Project Plans

From April 25th 2022, we will be renaming "site plans" to "project plans". In addition, you will be able to publish a project to multiple publishing destinations with a single project plan ($5/month).

So, What's Changed?

Previously, you needed to purchase a site plan for each publishing destination and export option. So, if your project was published on three different destinations, you'd pay $15/month (=$5*3) to remove Vev watermarks.

What will happen to my existing site plans?

Nothing — unless you have projects associated with multiple site plans. In this case, your next invoice will be adjusted accordingly. For example, if your project was published to three publishing destinations, your next monthly incurring cost would be $5, instead of $15.

Read more on how to add, remove, and tranfer your project plans here.



  • Design Editor: Empty comments would be submitted when pressing "enter" on the emoji button; this now has been fixed.

  • Content Editor: An issue where a canvas would stretch to the full width on the preview mode has now been fixed.

  • Design Editor: The overlay of the scrollytelling video wouldn't cover the section fully as you scroll; this now has been fixed and works both on IOS and Android.

🛠️ This Week's Fixes

Our Dev team's bug sprint is in full swing and we have been squashing some of the pesky bugs in the platform. 💪



  • Design Editor: For those who have encountered a crash after inserting a text entry upon creating a project; this issue has been fixed.

  • Design Editor: Collapsed height on expandable section could not be lower than height on Desktop for some users; this issue has been fixed.

  • Account Settings: Deleted profile pictures will no longer reappear after a while.

  • Content Editor: Changing a video element will now immediately reflect without needing to reload.

  • Onboarding: For those new users who were experiencing “failed to create publish settings”; this issue has now been fixed.

  • Onboarding: Yikes! New users who are invited to an account will no longer be stuck with the "Create a project" page.

  • Hosting: Project list with long URLs would cause the context menu to disappear to the right; this issue has been fixed.

  • Publishing: Clicking a link in the standard menu would not work in published content if the page URL contains a “/” at the end of it; this issue has been fixed.

This Week's Updates and Fixes

It's finally starting to feel like spring and we are making the occasion with some exciting updates.🌟😉 We're busy working on some large updates, but are happy to introduce two life-enhancing improvements in the meantime that will bring more power to you and your projects.




Weekly Product Update 010122 (1).png

Page Search

You asked, we built it! You can now search pages in your projects by title on the top page bar. We hope it makes your life a little easier—it's certainly made managing our own site in Vev a breeze.

Pro tip: For optimal performance, we recommend having no more than 20 pages in one project. 🤠

Responsive Background Images

You didn't ask, but we did it anyways! Background images in sections will now load smaller sizes for each device type.

Smaller sizes mean faster response times, and faster response times mean a faster page load. On average, images account for more than 60% of the bytes required to load a web page, so this improvement is a big win for your SEO game.

Our CTO, Nicolay had this to say: "As far as we know, Vev is one of the few platforms supporting automatic responsive background images for all browsers." Let the record show our jaws have officially dropped. 😉



  • Design Editor: If you set the border of an element to 0, it would set to 3 by default in the inner strokes; this now has been fixed.
  • Project Export: ZIP files would appear empty on windows computers; this now has been fixed.

⚒️ This Week's Fixes

Since the last update, we have been working hard on new feature releases for y'all (no spoiler alert). 🤫 In the meantime, here are some fixes that we have achieved while cooking up some new features.



  • One would lose the Teams overview until they go back to account/teams route; this now has been fixed.
  • Project - Template: Card thumbnails did not reflect the cover photo as seen from Project, this now has been fixed.
  • Integrations: If spaces are added before/after some settings on Integrations, they fail (Google Tag Manager). This now has been fixed.
  • Account - Subscribe: Error occurred when users would try to subscribe; this now has been fixed.
  • Main components (Beta): Adding a main component did not maintain the original dimensions; this now has been fixed.

⚒️ This Week in updates and fixes

This week, we've released new product templates, video tutorials, and some type improvements.

As usual, our Dev team has also been slaying some pesky bugs in the platform this week 💪




Auto Layout Tutorials

Layout (1).png

Auto layout will help you build responsive components without having to adapt to every breakpoint or device. Instead, simply enable, add a few options, and watch as the responsiveness is taken care of for you.

Watch our new tutorials to see how to bring design elements like buttons cards, and grids to life with auto layout.

Product Templates


Thinking of launching a physical product but your Ecommerce platform feels limiting? Use our new templates to showcase the product itself, the specification and features, and highlight reviews from customers. After, embed directly into any platform or CMS. Now you can experience the ultimate design control you've been looking for.




Type tool enhancements

We've made some changes to the type tool. Now, you can add even more headings like H5 and H6 accessible through a dropdown under H4.




Design Editor

  • You will no longer see an "infinite loader" when entering integrations. Welcome back to the "finite" world.

  • Vev logo in top left corner is now linking to 🇺🇦

  • Sorry for those who have seen some random images and logos of "Stiftelsen Norsk Luftambulanse" popping up in your projects. You will no longer experience these glitches in your matrix 😉

  • (Elements - Charts) Numerical values are now correctly displayed when copy & pasted from Google Sheets.

  • (Elements - Number Counter) Some of you have not been able to use an animations add-on with the “Number counter” element. This now has been fixed.

  • (Page Settings) You can now de-select between “Home/Landing page” and “Not found (404) page” under Page Settings.

  • You can now copy & paste a marked URL (not JSON) from “Publishing destinations”.

  • Some of you have experienced that previous stylings have been lost when copied & pasted a section between two projects; it ain't lost no more.

Code Editor

  • Woop woop! We updated Monaco to the newest version. What’s changed? It now grays out variables that are not in use so that you can easily identify dead code 🧟.


  • Some users experienced that hosting settings would clear on FTP adapter when errors occur; this now has been fixed.

Multiplayer editing is live





Ready to level up your collaboration game in Vev? Your cross-team workflows are about to get even more seamless with the multiplayer editing feature 💫

Here is what it means for you and your team:

  • You can see your avatar as well as anyone who is currently accessing the project in the top toolbar.
  • If you click on a person's avatar, you will enter an "observation mode", meaning you will be shown what's happening on their screen.
  • Implementing 'undo (ctrl + z)' changes only pertains to the individual user's editing history and will not conflict with others.

Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us. If you run into any issues, or have any suggestions, please contact support in the platform. 😉

New Effects in the Design Editor

We've made room for some new effects and had a rather successful bug sprint this week, check it out for yourself 😉




We've bundled our effects under one option now in the style panel. But don't worry this is just a slight UI change and will make room for even more new effects in the future.

From the new effects option in the Style Panel you will be able to add a:

  • Drop shadow
  • Inner shadow
  • Blur
  • Background blur

Read our docs for more info on the changes




Whew! This week our team went full-force on user-submitted issues as well as a regular product audit to identify and get rid of any of those peskier bugs.

Design Editor

  • Tab is no longer a shortcut for preview, just use p for that!
  • Fixed an issue with the Lottie Animation element that would sometimes result in an error when uploading a file, all good now!
  • Now, when embedding a project which has interactions or a navigation element, clicking or interacting with the embed code will not send the user back to the top.
  • In the project layouts thumbnail viewer, device icons are adjusted to connect to the specific breakpoints
  • In some instances, an invisible popover made clicking the page and page content panel inaccessible. It's now all clickable!
  • If a Text box has the text “<<” at the start of it, the editor reported an error while publishing the project. Now, no more!
  • Videos will now appear in the media library of a duplicated project
  • Depending on your parameters, some users were not able to add a custom breakpoint to their projects, this has been fixed
  • For slideshow element, you can now save an animation as a preset to easily add to other elements in your project
  • When applying the sticky position addon to an element or frame, you no longer need to refresh your entire project to see it take effect
  • The shared style editor, font dropdown, now shows the user-selected font instead of Lato

Code Editor

  • Now, you can an icon to your custom element that will show in the Design Editor for the rest of the team
  • Error messages were shown behind a tab bar sometimes, now it's in front of your face, as it should be
  • When forking widgets, utility files or included files now get copied
  • Developers now can change package.json Icon without any conflicts

Hosting, Embedding, Publishing

  • We made an email an optional parameter in the hosting settings page even for a secret owner
  • Now, when embedding a project which has interactions or a navigation element, clicking or interacting with the embed code will not send the user back to the top
  • If there is an error in publishing or the loading hangs, you will now see a 'Retry' button. Hallelejuah 🙌
  • Deleting hosting will now in fact, delete the hosting (this was occurring in certain edge cases)
  • ‘Not Implemented’ error message when adding “always Included” hosting no longer pops up
  • Selecting a Hosting endpoint now correctly shows the hosting path, workspace path, or team path in an “Add Destination” dialog box

Content Editor

  • Previewing certain elements in the Content Editor took up a lot of rendering space resulting in a black screen when editing text or scrolling. We've improved that so it won't happen again.
  • Canvas was turning black after editing text or scrolling - again. But now fixed. Some Elements Preview windows used to take up a massive amount of space, rendering the code-bit


  • When entering a shared team, accounts are no longer swapped; similarly, all shared teams will now be listed in the dropdown, instead of just a few (and we've made the menu a little bigger to make it easier to click)
  • When changing teams, you used to get a message with 'Account changed' but that has been removed to avoid any confusion

🛠 This Week in Updates and Bug Fixes

We've been busy! A few little (but major life enhancements) following our release of an improvement to the publishing menu.



  • The pop-up to download the zip archive of your content is no longer blocked! Whew, that was a bit annoying for some
  • Assets like videos will no longer appear in your media library when duplicating a project. Fresh, clean setup from the start
  • In the Content Editor, working too quickly sometimes resulted in sections disappearing. We've fixed this by adding pop-ups warning you to slow down; just kidding we fixed the issue
  • The button to go back to the Design Editor from the Page Settings was a bit too white; we now made it the perfect amount of white
  • Fixed an issue where adding a custom breakpoint sometimes resulted in the breakpoint settings not being saved
  • Fixed an issue after creating a new project, when a user clicked back in the web browser it would take them back to the preset screen resulting in two new projects
  • Users would experience an error 'Invalid Publish Settings' keeping them from publishing, even if all plugins were marked green with correct information. Now, green means go or all good (as it should).


  • Added LinkedIn as an option for the Social Sharing element
  • Add Publish Destination button now opens in a new tab
  • Added a warning when a credit card is declined in the Account Billing Settings

Preview Templates from the Create Page




New Feature Preview Templates.gif

You can now preview how templates will appear across different breakpoints before starting a new project.

Simply, create a new project and click 'Preview' on any template to check out what it will look like on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

If you want this feature for your own personal and account templates, just make sure to republish!