Vev Design changelog
Vev Design changelog

Product Update: All-New Figma Import




1_Figma Launch-Vev x PH.png

We’ve just officially released our Figma Import, which we’ve massively improved thanks to your feedback.

Here's what improved 👇

  • Frames into Sections: Every frame in your Figma file will appear in Vev as a separate section.
  • Auto-layout Import: All your Figma auto-layouts will now seamlessly import, and you'll be able to continue working with them in Vev.
  • Width as Percentages: All widths in your Figma files will be automatically converted into percentages in Vev.
  • Auto-height Text Box: All text boxes will set to “auto”.

👉 Read more on this blog post.

Product Update: Addon Tab




Addon Tab (intercom).jpeg

You can now apply Addons straight from the right-side panel.

To access the Addon Tab

  1. Click the element you want to attach the Addon to
  2. Click “Addon” (next to Style) in the right-side panel
  3. Select an Addon
  4. Click “Apply Addon”

👉 Read more on this blog post.

New UI Update




Blog banner.jpeg

As Vev has grown exponentially, so too has the complexity of our internal design system. To simplify this system and make it more scalable for our exciting future plans, we've revamped Vev's UI.

  • New Color Scheme: We’ve swapped out the yellow for an electric blue to boost color contrast for enhanced accessibility.

  • Dashboard Navigation Redesign: We've moved the user icon to the lower-left corner of the dashboard, allowing it to open the menu in full screen.

👉 Read more here

Embed Anywhere




Wish you could spice up your content marketing with advanced visual features and interactive elements, but know they aren't supported in your existing CMS?

Embed Anywhere.png

At Vev, we’re ending CMS design limitations once and for all. Our new and improved Embed Anywhere lets you craft cutting-edge, immersive content in Vev and plug it directly into your existing website.

👉 Read more here

This Week's Updates




We've just released two exciting updates to make your Vev workflows even smoother. 🤩

Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 12.19.32.png

  • We've introduced floating top panels across all our editors for a cleaner visual experience.

  • We've improved how breakpoints are set, so you can build responsive content faster.

Read more on this blog post!

🛠️ This Week's Fixes



  • Design Editor: An element used to jump out of the frame when grouping and ungrouping it in Auto layout; this has been fixed.
  • Design Editor: Some users reported that the animation name did not appear when linked to a page; this has been fixed.
  • Design Editor: Some users reported that a padding gap floats out of place in an Auto Layout frame when zooming in or out; this has been fixed.
  • Design Editor: We fixed an issue where Card Slider might not display the text element on Safari.
  • Design Editor: The height between the form for Card Slider and the Style Panel had to be identical for iOS / iPhone to render properly; this has been fixed.

This Week's Fixes and Updates




Figma Import.png

What if you could turn static Figma designs files (.fig) into fully-functional, interactive websites without coding anything? Rather than having to rebuild your Figma design from scratch, you can now just import it into Vev in a few easy steps. 🤫



  • Design Editor: Some users reported not having the refresh button on canvas; this has been fixed.

  • Design Editor: Burger menu - Link to element - Scrolling takes too long to reach bottom

  • Design Editor: You can now copy/paste content without having to create a section first.

  • Design Editor: The link add-on now scrolls smoothly regardless of how far down the element is.

  • Design Editor: We've fixed the issue where changing the opacity on the Fill layer of a section would reset its fill color to black.

  • Content Editor: Some users reported not being able to modify links, animations, or add-on settings on shapes; this has been fixed.

  • Publishing: Previously, page slugs could contain spaces, which would make the expected URL show up with a 404; this has been fixed and any spaces contained in the slug will be stripped away automatically.

  • Publishing: Adding capital letters into the URL paths will cause pathing issues on preview; this has been fixed.

  • Sharing: Some users reported that sensitive data can potentially be exposed if Vev is used in a system where a token or similar is present in the URL; this has been fixed.

  • Template: Custom tags can now be saved both by pressing “enter” and clicking on the tag’s name.

This Week's Update




Side Panel Settings .png

We’ve just updated the UI and UX of the side panel settings for an even smoother project and page management experience.

Plus, we’ve added an eyedropper tool so that you can quickly select and sample colors from any object or image on your canvas without relying on third-party tools.

This has been a much-requested feature by our community, so we are especially happy to finally deliver it. 🥳

Learn more about it here.

This Week's Updates and Fixes

Frame 794.png




"Site Plans" Are Becoming "Project Plans

From April 25th 2022, we will be renaming "site plans" to "project plans". In addition, you will be able to publish a project to multiple publishing destinations with a single project plan ($5/month).

So, What's Changed?

Previously, you needed to purchase a site plan for each publishing destination and export option. So, if your project was published on three different destinations, you'd pay $15/month (=$5*3) to remove Vev watermarks.

What will happen to my existing site plans?

Nothing — unless you have projects associated with multiple site plans. In this case, your next invoice will be adjusted accordingly. For example, if your project was published to three publishing destinations, your next monthly incurring cost would be $5, instead of $15.

Read more on how to add, remove, and tranfer your project plans here.



  • Design Editor: Empty comments would be submitted when pressing "enter" on the emoji button; this now has been fixed.

  • Content Editor: An issue where a canvas would stretch to the full width on the preview mode has now been fixed.

  • Design Editor: The overlay of the scrollytelling video wouldn't cover the section fully as you scroll; this now has been fixed and works both on IOS and Android.

🛠️ This Week's Fixes

Our Dev team's bug sprint is in full swing and we have been squashing some of the pesky bugs in the platform. 💪



  • Design Editor: For those who have encountered a crash after inserting a text entry upon creating a project; this issue has been fixed.

  • Design Editor: Collapsed height on expandable section could not be lower than height on Desktop for some users; this issue has been fixed.

  • Account Settings: Deleted profile pictures will no longer reappear after a while.

  • Content Editor: Changing a video element will now immediately reflect without needing to reload.

  • Onboarding: For those new users who were experiencing “failed to create publish settings”; this issue has now been fixed.

  • Onboarding: Yikes! New users who are invited to an account will no longer be stuck with the "Create a project" page.

  • Hosting: Project list with long URLs would cause the context menu to disappear to the right; this issue has been fixed.

  • Publishing: Clicking a link in the standard menu would not work in published content if the page URL contains a “/” at the end of it; this issue has been fixed.