Vekt for iOS and watchOS release notes
Vekt for iOS and watchOS release notes

Vekt 3.1





Welcome to the very first bigger update to Vekt 3!

New Weight Details Screen

We now provide every measurement (as seen in History or the All Weights view) with a details screen in which you can see the exact date, whether is above or below average and what value it would be in other units.

History Improvements

The History view is one we want to improve the most as we grow by providing more and more insights in a clean way, this update provides the first step in that direction by giving you a bigger line chart (as requested); which we still want to improve over time too. and a bar chart that shows your BMI progress in a clear way.

Watch Improvements

The watch gets a big performance boost and that's not all, it now also includes a BMI complication and Shortcut complication so there's support for most watch faces now. Next to that, it's now even easier to change your weight on your watch as you can just start spinning the digital crown and save a new value (no need to tap the number first anymore).

Small but mentionable too:

  • Target milestones are now optional (but highly recommended)
  • More variety in the reminder messages
  • Subscription details page for better management of your subscription
  • Visual improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Bugfixes (Including the bug which would make the UI unresponsive for some)

We're continuously improving Vekt 3 as part of the subscription, if you face any problems or have any ideas please contact us and we'd love to see what we can do to improve the product to your needs too. That's all for now, thanks again for using Vekt and feel free to reach out on Twitter or by Email for any support or requests.

The next few updates will be all about performance and getting ready for the next version of iOS and watchOS.

See you next time!