Vekt for iOS and watchOS release notes
Vekt for iOS and watchOS release notes

Vekt 3.0.5





As we're catching up with all the latest and greatest announcements of WWDC we still managed to ship you this little update:

  • Improved Russian translations (Thanks Anton Siliuk!)
  • The ticker now shows a hint when you haven't used it yet
  • Extra icon to celebrate Pride and one that's more a concept
  • Theme selection now stays active
  • Some under the hood improvements and smaller bug fixes

Want to help with translations? Please feel free to reach out via the settings

Vekt 3.0.4





What's new:

  • You now have the ability to select a theme
  • Layout fixes for iPhone SE (1th gen)
  • You now have the option to unlock Vekt for a single price instead of a subscription

Vekt 3.0.3





Thank you all for updating to Vekt 3. Our apologies for the experienced bugs (and thanks for the feedback)! This update will resolve them.

This is what's new:

  • Fixed a bug where LBS wasn't saved precisely but was rounded up/down
  • You can now change icons by pressing on the cell instead of just the text/icon
  • French translation improvements
  • Accessibility colour improvements for the high contrast setting
  • Height view will now dismiss after saving a new height
  • Fixed the cut off text (in the affected languages) on the subscription page for existing users


  • Feedback after saving weight
  • Able to change your weight after tapping on the latest
  • Complication improvements
  • User interface Improvements

Vekt 3.0.2





Bug fixes and copy fixes

Vekt 3.0.1





First attempt of fixing the subscription bug.

Vekt 3





Vekt 3 is our most significant update yet. We completely rebuilt the iOS and watchOS app to muscle up for the next phase.

The main improvements and fixes are:

  • Rewritten in SwiftUI for faster (monthly updates)
  • New ability to change the date when adding a weight measurement
  • Intuitive UI improvements
  • Improved target system (with automatic milestones)
  • Better insights into your progress (See your total weight change and improved charts)
  • More motivational messages
  • Widgets for your target and most recent weight
  • Custom app icons
  • iCloud support (to sync with watchOS)

New on watchOS:

  • Improved UI
  • New complications
  • Custom unit & goal
  • Complete history and ability to set a target

Vekt 2.4.1: Bug fixes





This release contains a fix that prevented the chart from showing up for some users.

Vekt 2.4: Ticker





While we're working hard to release a significantly better version, we didn't want to keep you waiting any longer with some tweaks and additions into the right direction. Here's what's new:

  • Tweaks in the UI to have more layers and fewer navigation bars
  • a more structured settings page
  • There is a ticker on the home view now for even faster adjustment of your weight measuring.
  • Performance and bug fixes

If you have any feedback or comments, do let us know!

Vekt 2.3.4: Hotfix for navbar showing up





After compiling with the latest Swift version the navigation bar wasn't transparent anymore. This build fixes that.

  • Fix for a visual bug introduced by accident in the previous version
  • Fix for the title in onboarding to fit and be readable in every language

Vekt 2.3.3: Bugfix and more data points in chart





Smaller update with the following things:

  • Fix for a bug that made Vekt crash for some devices
  • Line chart in home view now has 14 points instead of 7