Vekt 2.3.4: Hotfix for navbar showing up

After compiling with the latest Swift version the navigation bar wasn't transparent anymore. This build fixes that.

  • Fix for a visual bug introduced by accident in the previous version
  • Fix for the title in onboarding to fit and be readable in every language

Vekt 2.3.3: Bugfix and more data points in chart

Smaller update with the following things:

  • Fix for a bug that made Vekt crash for some devices
  • Line chart in home view now has 14 points instead of 7

Added link to these release notes and smart app banner

From now on you can always read back any release notes for Vekt directly linked from the website.

In addition to that, if you visit the website on an iOS device now, you'll see a smart app banner.

Vekt 2.3.2: Improved UI for Light mode Edit

Improved design for light mode

Vekt 2.3: In-depth statistics Edit

Happy New Year!

To celebrate 2020 I'm releasing this new version of Vekt which includes the following features:

  • You're now able to set your whether you want to lose or gain weight
  • More in-depth statistics; See your average weight, your best-tracked weight and how many time you've hit your target
  • View and delete any of your measurements right from the app, no more needed to go-to health app if you mistyped a measurement.
  • A new bar chart within the history view to show you all your progress
  • Small bug fixes

Many more improvements to come this year! Thank you all for using Vekt :)

Vekt 2.2 & 2.2.1 - iOS 13 Support Edit

With this release, Vekt is ready to rock on iOS 13! Here's what's new:

  • The onboarding, Change Unit and Change Height screens have been re-designed for a better experience.
  • Target and BMI now use the fancy new looking modals on iOS 13
  • BMI is calculated more accurate and updated in the UI correctly
  • Fixes the bug on watchOS and Notification UI of BMI 0 being added to Health
  • Custom Theming has been removed but now used the one you're using on your iPhone (Custom Icon is still an option)
  • Overall better performance and UI improvements

Vekt 2.2.1 - Bugfix

Whoops! Accidentally made the app crash on iOS13 when some views were presented… So sorry, but it should be fixed now!

I hope you'll keep enjoying using Vekt.

Vekt 2.1.1: Motivational messages fix

Updates motivational messages and fixes feedback bug

Vekt 2.1: Interactive notifications

Interactive notifications are here!

Thanks to the interactive notification content technology provided by Apple, it has become faster than ever to add a new weight measurement.

As soon as you get the reminder you can hard press it or tap the "View" option and you are able to add a new measurement. I hope you like this update just as much as the previous ones and I'm always open for feedback. See you next time!

Note: For now I only enabled it for your system default unit, custom unit support will come in the future.

Vekt 2.0.1: Small improvements

I made some small improvements. this is what I've done this time:

  • There is now a label showing how many weigh-ins are still needed before the line chart shows up.

  • Added a direct link to the reminder configuration when you're in the notification settings of your phone.

Vekt 2.0: Watch update

The Update brings a fully re-written watchOS app including BMI & Target.

Next, I've improved the UI on both iOS and watchOS more and frequently updates coming really soon!

This update also fixes the bug where the Tipping modal was still shown every time you entered a new weight