Varia Research changelog
Varia Research changelog





To better organize your research documents, a comprehensive tagging system has been introduced to Varia Research.


Tags know two levels:

  • Dossier-scoped: these tags will only apply to the respective Dossier, to help you and your team organize the work inside a Dossier. E.g. you could tag a co-worker or a task to be done related to this article and Dossier. Dossier-scoped tags
  • Global: these will be added to this document, where ever it is, be it in Dossiers, Interim, or even in the Feeds.

We plan to take the tagging much further. You will notice, that apart from adding them, nothing further can be done with them at this point. This is about to change over the coming weeks: tag based sorting & filtering will be introduced first, we will bring tags to other components (e.g. Contacts), and more filterig & organization based features will follow..!

What would you wish to further accomplish with tags? Let us know!