Varia Research changelog
Varia Research changelog

Making the Interim more useful





You can now add documents and links from basically anywhere to your Interim 🎉 !

  • The Bookmarklet was updated so that you can add links (from all around the world wide web) straight to the Interim, not just to your research Dossiers
  • And you can add documents from Recommendations or Dossier based External Searches to the Interim

You can now also add all types of links to your Interim; through an updated processing of content, also e.g. YouTube videos or links to corporate homepages will be properly added. That change also benefits documents/links added straight to Dossiers.

This gives your research even more flexibility. You can organize all your content well structured in Dossiers - or just pile up findings in the Interim and decide later what to do with it. Varia Research in that sense can very much become your read-later app of choice.

Go ahead, add your first article to the new Interim… 👉📄