Varia Research changelog
Varia Research changelog

Freemium Plans are live!




This is a big moment for us - and for our users: Varia Research has left the "Beta" cover. And is now available live, as freemium product in two subscription plans: FREE and PREMIUM:

220704 VRES plans overview.png

This allows users to subscribe to exactly what they need - and to only pay what matches their usage. A substantial amount of features are available in the FREE plan, which serves as entry level subscription.

For more dedicated users, the PREMIUM plan allows full access to what is currently available in Varia Research. And: more is to come, the workbench (annotating documents) will be a further substantial addition to the PREMIUM plan.

You also see that PROFESSIONAL and ENTERPRISE plans are not available yet - give us some time on these please. If you have early questions regargint their availability and features, do not hesitate to reach out!

More information about the subscription plans can also be found on our homepage (pricing info).