Varia Research changelog
Varia Research changelog





Our Dossier-based architecture follows the principle of one story, one place. For journalists, an imperative part of all researches are contacts - of subject matter experts, interview partners, other journalits, etc.

These contacts no longer have to be disconnected from your research! With our newly introduced Contacts component, you can create as many contacts in Varia Research as you want - and link them to your Dossiers! This way, whenever you revisit an old project or research, you will immediately also find the important contacts related to it. Almost like a CRM for journalsits…

Who was that scientist again, who I talked to last year, regarding the drug-discovery story?
Easy, you will find her details right in your Varia Research Dossier. 👉📓✨

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Gone are the days where contact info gets lost in emails, word documents or old phones. Get your work done where work happens, in Varia Research!

As our entire product, also the Contacts component was designed in a security-first approach. All our databases are among other protective measures, based on separate, VPN protected collections.