Varia Research changelog
Varia Research changelog

German Sources




Jawohl, we are making German sources accessible to our users! 🇩🇪 🇩🇪 🇩🇪 ✨

This means you can now create Feeds for German content - receive recommendations, summaries and machine learning based insights also for 🇩🇪 content. This is possible due to our NLP (natural language processing) approach and language model in place, which allows us to rather flexibly expand to additional languages.

English first, German second - as these represent our core markets. Do you have other languages that you would want to see automatically processed & handled by Varia Research? Let us know…

Our content for Feeds and recommendations is coming from 375 (and growing) international news sources, where we integrate their publicly available content, obeying crawling and reprocessing laws.

Going forward, we are looking to integrate licenced content as well, so that you users can start to circumnavigate nasty paywalls with a sleek pay-per-use solution. Sounds good?

Article-level recommendations




Our users know and love the content recommendations that they receive for all of their Dossiers. Now we bring that one step further - or, one level lower - by introducing article-level recommendations:


You can access the article-level recommendations through the already known article Details view - which features, key highlights, a summary and sentiment information. Now you also find similar articles for the exact content piece you are looking at!

This feature is enabled for content in Dossiers - as well as for the Interim. This means you can basically store any article you want to your Varia Research Interim - and check out what other publishers are writing on that same topic 🎉

More information on recommendations





Dossier recommendations now per default also include Publisher/Source & Date information. This information was available before, but upon user-feedback, we included it straight in the recommendation list.

How else could we make the recommendations better? Let's hear it, we are always open for suggestions & feedback!

Customizable Feeds




With the launch of our open beta version, we have also introduced customizable Feeds. The Feeds were so far rather static, leaving our early testers with a bearly useful overview of daily news from around the globe.

Now users can create feeds for their needs - each feed can be filtered according to keywords, sources, topics and further parameterss:

211214 Feed create modal.png

This allows to monitor all relevant news for a certain topic in one place!

Feeds are also going to develop further, towards more customization and RSS sources, which users will be able to add and follow. What else would you want to see us do with our Feeds? Let us know via the in-built feedback widget in the product 🔊👂!





Our Dossier-based architecture follows the principle of one story, one place. For journalists, an imperative part of all researches are contacts - of subject matter experts, interview partners, other journalits, etc.

These contacts no longer have to be disconnected from your research! With our newly introduced Contacts component, you can create as many contacts in Varia Research as you want - and link them to your Dossiers! This way, whenever you revisit an old project or research, you will immediately also find the important contacts related to it. Almost like a CRM for journalsits…

Who was that scientist again, who I talked to last year, regarding the drug-discovery story?
Easy, you will find her details right in your Varia Research Dossier. 👉📓✨

211015 VRES Contact create modal.png

Gone are the days where contact info gets lost in emails, word documents or old phones. Get your work done where work happens, in Varia Research!

As our entire product, also the Contacts component was designed in a security-first approach. All our databases are among other protective measures, based on separate, VPN protected collections.

Making the Interim more useful





You can now add documents and links from basically anywhere to your Interim 🎉 !

  • The Bookmarklet was updated so that you can add links (from all around the world wide web) straight to the Interim, not just to your research Dossiers
  • And you can add documents from Recommendations or Dossier based External Searches to the Interim

You can now also add all types of links to your Interim; through an updated processing of content, also e.g. YouTube videos or links to corporate homepages will be properly added. That change also benefits documents/links added straight to Dossiers.

This gives your research even more flexibility. You can organize all your content well structured in Dossiers - or just pile up findings in the Interim and decide later what to do with it. Varia Research in that sense can very much become your read-later app of choice.

Go ahead, add your first article to the new Interim… 👉📄

Automated Summaries





All articles in Varia Research are now receiving an automated summary. This allows users to get a quick understanding of the covered story - and research faster!

The summaries are available in the article Details view, that you are familiar with already.

Summaries are of an extractive manner; this means, that all the statements of the summary are also appearing exactly like that in the original article. This gives you 100% certainty that what you read in the summary, is as of the original.

We plan to offer different types and qualities (method & length) of summaries in the future. Let us know what would work best for you!

210916 Dev Article Summary.png

External Search





We want to make Varia Research as useful to you as possible. That means we want to provide you as little interruptions in your research process as possible.

This is why we have integrated an External Search - that allows you to search for more relevant content straight out of Varia Research!

210820 VRES external search example 2.png

Once you find something interesting, you can add it to your Dossier with one click - and continue your research without ever leaving Varia…

Our External search is for the moment powered by the Bing News API and allow searching in EN and DE sources.

Better Recommendations





You already know our Dossier recommendations - that help you accelerate your research by automatically providing relevant content suggestions for all your Dossiers.

This just got a boost in precision and is also more dynamic! You will see that recommendations are more on topic, and change according to documents added by you.

The recommendations are leveraging our new recommendations-API, which we continue to improve based on user feedback. What's your take on it? Where do you find - or don't you find relevant results through our recommendations feature?

Faster Bookmarklet





Next time you use our Bookmarklet, to store content from the world wide web in one of your Varia Research Dossiers, you will notice that the adding process is much faster!

We have optimized our internal processes, so that your sites and bookmarks are immediately added to the Dossier - but only subsequentially processed by our NLP (Natural Language Processing) engine.

You will notice that documents you add to a Dossier via the Bookmarklet have a "processing" status in the Dossier at first. After a few moments, this will have completed and all the NLP Details will also be available! You can also click on the status to refresh & check yourself.

The goal here is to speed up your online information gathering process. Let us know what else we could focus on, to further aid your research process!