Varia Research changelog
Varia Research changelog

Full filtering for the Interim




Our users know and now the filter and tagging options that are available in the Dossiers. This entire set of organizing features has now been replicated for the Interim storage - so that users can also stay well organized there and always find that one article they once saved… 🤓

Bring the Bing: our News Feeds got a new addition for even better news monitoring!




In Varia Research, you could so far create two types of Feeds: Varia Feeds (based on our global source catalog) and RSS Feeds (from whatever source you like, including Google Alerts).

This media monitoring capability is now significantly extended, by adding a third Feed type: Bing News API based Feeds!


Bing News API based Feeds are available in EN and DE language and leverage the entire scope of Bing News Search. This is a far wider body of sources than what is covered by our own source catalog, of ~400 international sources.

With Bing News Feeds you are now going to be up do date even on more niche topics - plus they can nicely be added alongside your existing Varia or RSS Feeds 🙌.

What type of Feed would you like to see next? Twitter API? Reuters? Medium? Let us know…

External search fully back online




The external search, that you know from the recommendations tab of all your Dossiers is back online! We encountered some issues in the Bing News API configuration, which is linked to this, but the issues have been successfully addressed.

Now you can again search and find valuable news related to your Dossier at the click of a button, straight from your Dossier!

Work with your gathered documents, make highlights and annotations!




220911 VRES Workbench GIF.gif

It's here, our Document Workbench 🥳 !

This means, you can now work with all the documents that you store in a Varia Research Dossier. You can mark highlights in different colors and add commentary or other annotations for each. This allows you to highlight in each piece of information what is most important, what is maybe to be fact-checked, or which parts you want to use as quote.

The Document Workbench is also part of the free plan, however with a limit of 1 annotation per document. If you need more, you will have to switch to the premium plan, which offers all Workbench capabilities in unlimited form.

As this was one of the top requested features by our users, we are super curious how you think about it! Let us know your feedback and we will see to make the Workbench even better 🤝.

Faster content recommendations




The content recommendations that you know and love from individual articles but also from all your Dossiers, have gotten an update. The new and improved recommendations are mostly faster, making you wait less and allowing you to be more productive! 🤩💪

Dossier properties view




Given that we are now live with our FREE and PREMIUM plan, it is important that our users know where they stand on the metered features. For that we have added a small modal that displays all critical information about user Dossiers - and provides a direct link for upgrading options, in case any limit should be reached:


This Dossier properties modal/view is available through the Dossier list overview, or the ellipsis menu in each Dossier.

Cleaner Feed UI & refresh option




Our Feeds have benefited from a small UI improvement, making their organization and appearance more clear. Also: RSS Feeds can now be refreshed individually, so that you can check for updates whenever you want, without having to reload the entire application.


Freemium Plans are live!




This is a big moment for us - and for our users: Varia Research has left the "Beta" cover. And is now available live, as freemium product in two subscription plans: FREE and PREMIUM:

220704 VRES plans overview.png

This allows users to subscribe to exactly what they need - and to only pay what matches their usage. A substantial amount of features are available in the FREE plan, which serves as entry level subscription.

For more dedicated users, the PREMIUM plan allows full access to what is currently available in Varia Research. And: more is to come, the workbench (annotating documents) will be a further substantial addition to the PREMIUM plan.

You also see that PROFESSIONAL and ENTERPRISE plans are not available yet - give us some time on these please. If you have early questions regargint their availability and features, do not hesitate to reach out!

More information about the subscription plans can also be found on our homepage (pricing info).

Add Tags to external Content




Adding content from all over the internet has now become even more user friendly!

Bookmarklet Tags addition GIF.gif

Users of Varia Research love to add content from all over the internet to their Dossiers - rightfully so. Now relevant tags can be added to the document while it is saved to Varia Research.

Not only tags, but also the read state can be selected, so that if you add an article after reading it, it will show up in your Dossier with the right status.

RSS Feeds




We are listening to our beta users and try to implement what helps you most to get your jobs done. One of the most frequently requested features was the ability to add RSS Feeds of any source. Guess what, this is now possible! 🥳


This means the Media Monitoring component of Varia Research just grew substantially. You can now follow your favourite RSS Feeds alongside the common Varia Feeds. This enables you to track relevant sources beyond what we offer in our current and growing source catalog behind the Varia Feeds.

Also; as the tooltip in the screenshot above highlights at the end, you can add any Google Alert as an RSS Feed to Varia Research. Konwing about the power and popularity of Google Alerts, we tried to make this as convenient as possible. Reach out to us, if you want to learn more on that!

What are your favourite RSS Feeds? Let us know - and don't forget to add them to your Varia Research!

If you want to see more of your wishes implemented, speak to us. Don't hesitate to reach out or use the in-built feedback widget (right-bottom corner, yellow smiley). 😀