Varia Research changelog
Varia Research changelog

Extended Dropbox Integration




The Dropbox integration has been elevated to a more extended level. Now your Varia Research Dossiers and Dropbox can be in full sync, including meta data. This means, whenever you change e.g. a file name on Dropbox, the file will also be renamed accordingly inside Varia Research.

Same applies for file deletion; when you delete a file in Dropbox, it will also vanish from Varia Research.

This deeper integration makes sure you are always in full sync with your Dropbox, and prevents the creation of parallel universes.

You will be prompted to allow for this extended integration, the next time you add a file to one of your Dossiers. The new level of synchronization is not mandatory (you can keep it as it is), but clearly recommended.

Updated files handling in Dossiers




You can now move around files from one Dossier to another, as you were already accustomed to from Dossier documents. This comes as an extension to the existing, Dropbox based file storage in Varia Research Dossiers.

Images for Feeds




As of popular request and to make your Feed view easier to visually digest, we added the option to display images for each article. This is optional and can be turned off and on at your convenience (ellipsis button top-right corner). The images add a further layer of information to each content piece and help you to remember and locate articles while browsing through all the feeds.






We have integrated the popular read-later service into Varia Research!

This means, everything that you save in Pocket, will also be available in a special Interim section of Varia Research - also allowing you to benefit from all the additional features that Varia offers and that you might miss on Pocket's side.

What other integration would you love to see coming to Varia Research? Let us know, we have open ears and capable developers..!

Dropbox for your Dossiers




You know and love Dropbox, we know and love Dropbox - so we made it available for you, directly in your Dossiers. Now you can link any Dropbox content to your Varia Research Dossiers:

221201 VRES Dropbox Files pdf view.png

You can find the Dropbox integration under the now active "Files" tab. If you are more of a Google-Drive type, no worries, we are working on that too! Also if you are not a fan of any of the two, you will soon get the ability to store files in Dossiers just like that, independent of Dropbox or Google-Drive.

With the Dropbox integration our Dossiers come one step closer to the "one story, one place" ambition that we follow!

Full filtering for the Interim




Our users know and now the filter and tagging options that are available in the Dossiers. This entire set of organizing features has now been replicated for the Interim storage - so that users can also stay well organized there and always find that one article they once saved… 🤓

Bring the Bing: our News Feeds got a new addition for even better news monitoring!




In Varia Research, you could so far create two types of Feeds: Varia Feeds (based on our global source catalog) and RSS Feeds (from whatever source you like, including Google Alerts).

This media monitoring capability is now significantly extended, by adding a third Feed type: Bing News API based Feeds!


Bing News API based Feeds are available in EN and DE language and leverage the entire scope of Bing News Search. This is a far wider body of sources than what is covered by our own source catalog, of ~400 international sources.

With Bing News Feeds you are now going to be up do date even on more niche topics - plus they can nicely be added alongside your existing Varia or RSS Feeds 🙌.

What type of Feed would you like to see next? Twitter API? Reuters? Medium? Let us know…

External search fully back online




The external search, that you know from the recommendations tab of all your Dossiers is back online! We encountered some issues in the Bing News API configuration, which is linked to this, but the issues have been successfully addressed.

Now you can again search and find valuable news related to your Dossier at the click of a button, straight from your Dossier!

Work with your gathered documents, make highlights and annotations!




220911 VRES Workbench GIF.gif

It's here, our Document Workbench 🥳 !

This means, you can now work with all the documents that you store in a Varia Research Dossier. You can mark highlights in different colors and add commentary or other annotations for each. This allows you to highlight in each piece of information what is most important, what is maybe to be fact-checked, or which parts you want to use as quote.

The Document Workbench is also part of the free plan, however with a limit of 1 annotation per document. If you need more, you will have to switch to the premium plan, which offers all Workbench capabilities in unlimited form.

As this was one of the top requested features by our users, we are super curious how you think about it! Let us know your feedback and we will see to make the Workbench even better 🤝.

Faster content recommendations




The content recommendations that you know and love from individual articles but also from all your Dossiers, have gotten an update. The new and improved recommendations are mostly faster, making you wait less and allowing you to be more productive! 🤩💪