Varia Research changelog
Varia Research changelog

Making the Interim more useful





You can now add documents and links from basically anywhere to your Interim 🎉 !

  • The Bookmarklet was updated so that you can add links (from all around the world wide web) straight to the Interim, not just to your research Dossiers
  • And you can add documents from Recommendations or Dossier based External Searches to the Interim

You can now also add all types of links to your Interim; through an updated processing of content, also e.g. YouTube videos or links to corporate homepages will be properly added. That change also benefits documents/links added straight to Dossiers.

This gives your research even more flexibility. You can organize all your content well structured in Dossiers - or just pile up findings in the Interim and decide later what to do with it. Varia Research in that sense can very much become your read-later app of choice.

Go ahead, add your first article to the new Interim… 👉📄

Automated Summaries





All articles in Varia Research are now receiving an automated summary. This allows users to get a quick understanding of the covered story - and research faster!

The summaries are available in the article Details view, that you are familiar with already.

Summaries are of an extractive manner; this means, that all the statements of the summary are also appearing exactly like that in the original article. This gives you 100% certainty that what you read in the summary, is as of the original.

We plan to offer different types and qualities (method & length) of summaries in the future. Let us know what would work best for you!

210916 Dev Article Summary.png

External Search





We want to make Varia Research as useful to you as possible. That means we want to provide you as little interruptions in your research process as possible.

This is why we have integrated an External Search - that allows you to search for more relevant content straight out of Varia Research!

210820 VRES external search example 2.png

Once you find something interesting, you can add it to your Dossier with one click - and continue your research without ever leaving Varia…

Our External search is for the moment powered by the Bing News API and allow searching in EN and DE sources.

Better Recommendations





You already know our Dossier recommendations - that help you accelerate your research by automatically providing relevant content suggestions for all your Dossiers.

This just got a boost in precision and is also more dynamic! You will see that recommendations are more on topic, and change according to documents added by you.

The recommendations are leveraging our new recommendations-API, which we continue to improve based on user feedback. What's your take on it? Where do you find - or don't you find relevant results through our recommendations feature?

Faster Bookmarklet





Next time you use our Bookmarklet, to store content from the world wide web in one of your Varia Research Dossiers, you will notice that the adding process is much faster!

We have optimized our internal processes, so that your sites and bookmarks are immediately added to the Dossier - but only subsequentially processed by our NLP (Natural Language Processing) engine.

You will notice that documents you add to a Dossier via the Bookmarklet have a "processing" status in the Dossier at first. After a few moments, this will have completed and all the NLP Details will also be available! You can also click on the status to refresh & check yourself.

The goal here is to speed up your online information gathering process. Let us know what else we could focus on, to further aid your research process!

Interim storage





You can now store feed articles that you might want to read later on a simple list, your Interim storage.

Instead of storing articles only in Dossiers, you can store as many links as you want to the Interim - and then decide later what research or Dossier they might be relevant for.

This will make the usage of Varia Research more open and flexible, storing of content is no longer necessarily tied to Dossiers.

Save your interesting article to your Interim today - and let us know what you think of it! How could it be improved?

The Interim is found on the main navigation menu on the left - and can be viewed as a list or a grid view. Choose whatever helps you navigate most!

Also; expect an upcoming first upgrade to the Interim - we will make it directly accessible via our Bookmarklet, so that you can store content from anywhere on the internet to the Interim !

210916 Dev Interim Grid View.png

Updated Bookmarklet





Our Bookmarklet has just gotten a whole lot better! Several improvements will make your user experience much more pleasant:

  1. You can now add links from almost any site, the bookmarklet pop-up will no longer be blocked (as default) by browsers such as Safari or Firefox.

  2. You can now create new Dossiers straight from within the bookmarklet pop-up! This will make storing and organizing online content even simpler.

So go ahead and give our updated bookmarklet a go - to do so, you need to drag the new version to your taskbar, where the old one was already sitting and helping with your research.

Status Quo





Varia Research is coming about - and we are slowly moving it away from its protected closed-testing environment, into the spotlight of a public beta phase (to be expected for Q3 2021)!

Here is what is already possible in Varia Research today:

  • Follow news sources from our global catalogue (~350 sources) through our Feeds (not customizable yet)
  • Create research Dossiers to store web content and Feeds content in an organized manner
  • Receive automated Recommendations on your Dossier content, speeding up your research through partial automation
  • Automated insights on all articles, highlighting key Entities and relative Sentiment through our NLP Framework
  • Store online content from anywhere on the web to one of your research Dossiers, through our Bookmarklet, that integrates with any browser!
  • "One Story, One Place" is what we want to offer, hence you can store more than online information in your Dossiers. You can already now add Notes, as many as you want, through a rich-text editor to all your Dossiers - and if you look at the currently disabled tabs of your Dossier, you can see where that journey is headed…
  • Varia Research can so far process EN and DE content - for NLP based insights. All other languages based content can be added as well, however no NLP-insights or recommendations will be available for it
  • Our Recommendations are currently fed by a catalogue of only EN sources. DE recommendations will follow soon.

We're starting an open changelog

Big news today, we're starting a public changelog so you're always up to date with all the updates, improvements and fixes that are made in Varia Research.

Even though we work on Varia all the time, sometimes it may seem that not much is happening. This changelog is here to improve that very important part of the communication between our dear testers and users - and us.

You'll always receive an update when we change something through the in-app widget, or if needed all things we've changed is available here, on our public changelog page.