Userlike changelog
Userlike changelog

Video chat is coming! (Release on September 3rd, 2021)


Product update



New features:

Video chat and screensharing are here! In addition to audio calls, you can now add video and share screens with contacts.

New signup flow:

New operators no longer need a username. They can simply log in with their email address. Usernames and password will continue to work for existing operators.

Message Center:

  • Inbox: Navigation events are not shown anymore if the widget is in privacy mode.

  • Inbox: Texts will temporarily not turn into emoji. A text-to-emoji replacement will return in a future release.

  • All Conversations: Bot conversations with no human interaction no longer appear. Conversations in which the contact actively engaged with the bot by selecting options or clicking buttons are still displayed.

  • All Conversations: Operator preferences are saved. If you sort conversations by first or last contact message and newest or oldest first, these preferred settings remain even after switching tabs or after logging out and in again.


Analytics labels have been made clearer.

Widget Editor:

Inactivity Prevention: Shorter timeouts are available for unanswered offline conversations so that conversations can already be forwarded after one minute.