Userlike changelog
Userlike changelog

Macro and video call improvements (Release on April 29th, 2022)


Product update



  • Chat macros, i.e. canned responses, are equipped with additional functions. For example, chat macros can now be integrated into the already written text. In addition, macros can be linked to widgets, which is helpful if you have a lot of macros. You can define that certain macros should only be available when conversations come in via a specific widget. By default, macros will be available for all widgets (as before). However, if you want to differentiate in the future, go to Chat Tools > Macro Groups and select widgets for a specific macro group.
  • Operators can still see but no longer edit their own profile if their role doesn't include editing rights for operators.

Message Center:

  • If you hover over a message, you will see the exact time including seconds. This makes it easier to evaluate the chat quality, as e.g. the exact first response time can be viewed.

  • It becomes clearer whether operator or contact wrote the last message by displaying messages from contacts by a small arrow icon.

  • It is now possible to blur the background during video calls, and calls can be transferred to a mobile device. This means that an audio or video call is started on the desktop. If it is then necessary to change places in order to show the contact partner a certain product, for example, you can scan a QR code using your mobile phone and start the call on that mobile device.

  • Long chatbot bubble options are fully displayed with line breaks.


  • If no operator is online, the welcome bubble will display the offline team name and the default widget picture instead.

  • If different widgets are used on the same domain, the website visitor will now see the widget integrated on the respective subpage, even if they have already opened the Messenger before.



  • Email notifications are only sent out if the conversation contains an exchange between (bot) operator and contact.
  • Human operators are no longer preferred over bot operators when displaying pictures in the welcome bubble.
  • Rating can be submitted without free feedback if the rating form was triggered via the command $rating.
  • WhatsApp conversations display the locale (country flag) based on the mobile number.
  • Filtering for multiple operators at once under "All Conversations" does no longer reload the Message Center.
  • Contacts can request transcripts again if the operator sent at least one message in the conversation.