Userlike changelog
Userlike changelog

Bot KPIs and improved widget restoration (Release on January 28th, 2022)


Product update



  • Added dedicated Chatbot KPIs to Userlike Analytics

  • Automated delay of bot messages above a certain message length. This feature only affects logic chatbots (UBL).


  • Improved widget behavior with multiple widgets on one domain.

  • You can now choose Russian and Chinese as new widget languages.

  • Better and consistent link preview.

Message Center:

  • Improved unread message system.


  • "Skills" were removed in Operator settings for plans below Userlike Business.






  • The Messenger will load in insecure (http) contexts / wkwebview.

  • Keyboard no longer overlaps the typing input when focussed on iOS 15.0.

  • Privacy notice is now also displayed correctly in combination with channel buttons on messenger board.

Message Center:

  • The typing indicator now works in privacy mode.


  • Contacts don't receive an email anymore if operators assign conversations to themselves and close them without sending an answer.

  • Operator notifications about "unread messages" trigger emails only if an operator hasn't read a message.