Userlike changelog
Userlike changelog

A better messaging experience and workflow improvements (Release on March 18th, 2022)


Product update


Message Center:

  • New live conversations open immediately in the operator's inbox to save additional clicks and thus increase response times.
  • When blocked contacts resume a conversation, the Inactivity Prevention will not trigger anymore.
  • After a conversation was set as ended, no automated messages on reassigning will be sent anymore.
  • The resolution of the operator picture in audio calls has been improved.
  • Colors and operator avatars will be reverted and look the same as before the release on March 4th.
  • When in an audio or video call, contacts see the Messenger directly in the tab of the active call so they don't have to switch tabs when they want to send a message.



Message Center:

  • Custom Data set via the API will be displayed in all conversations again.


  • Widgets connected to an empty operator group are hidden again (given that the setting is active in the Widget Editor).


  • When contacts resume conversations via channels, these conversations will be assigned to the bot again (given that the setting is active in the Widget Editor).
  • Chatbot operators are considered again when displaying the welcome bubble.


  • User info/custom data is always included in EmailTickets.
  • The background job which resends addons in case the original attempt failed has been optimized to avoid duplicate tickets.


  • The JSON API endpoint returns the correct number of operator slots.