Make Your Userlike Account More Secure With Login Verification

With this month's feature update, we focused on data privacy – a topic we know is especially important to many of you.

With the new Login verification, your Operators can authorize themselves through an account validation link that gets send to their email address. When the Operator successfully validates her identity, she can log into her account as usual. You can also define a timeframe for which you want to validate your Operators. So when an employee leaves your company, for example, you can be sure that they no longer have access to your Userlike account, making your setup more secure.

To provide you with an optimal overview of your Userlike account, we also added new filter options to the audit log and improved the information flow for adding new Operators. When you're the owner of the account, you now receive a copy of the email with all information on the new Operator. Enjoy!

Welcome your Customers with Passive Connect!

Passive Connect is a great feature for preventing clutter in the Chat Panel. By enabling it, web visitors must first enter text and send a message before a Chat is connected to an Operator.

Until now, a Welcome Message wasn't sent to your customers when using Passive Connect, but now you can enable Passive Connect to control incoming chats and include a pre-defined message to chatters.

If you're interested in enabling Passive Connect, you can do so in your Widget configuration under Chat > Behavior near the top of the page. After enabling this feature, head to the Wording tab, then select "Chat". You'll be able to customize your Welcome Message here.

After making changes to your Widget, be sure to update your settings at the bottom of the page, then get back to helping your customers!

Reach our Support Team via WhatsApp!

Dear Userliker,

You can now reach our support team via our APIWHA WhatsApp Integration! Reach out via WhatsApp Messenger at +49 1516 1847043 or by clicking this link!

The Userlike Status Page

Check out the Userlike Status Page to see how our systems are running, and to stay informed about any happenings, planned or unplanned, regarding our service. We also display our server latency to indicate the responsiveness of our servers.

The top section of the page shows you the current status of our Chat Panel, Dashboard, and API. If you experience any difficulties, this allows you to see whether the issue lies on our end or yours.

Further down you’ll see any upcoming system maintenance messages so that you can prepare your support team for possible downtime. We’ll update this page with any new, planned occurrences, and keep a history of Userlike updates and incidents.

Be sure to check and bookmark the below URL so you’re always “in the know” on what’s going with Userlike.

The Userlike Status Page

Datacenter Update

We’ll update our datacenter infrastructure on Saturday August the 25th. This means there’ll be a downtime from 16:00 - 20:00 UTC. If you’re still chatting around that time, please plan accordingly.

We recommend Operators to switch to Away status at least 10 minutes before to have enough time to complete any active chats without receiving new ones.

Just in! The Widget Router

Your support needs grow with the size of your website. People browsing your shop have different questions than those checking your documentation, international visitors prefer support in their own language, and you might want to use a different approach mode depending on whether your Webvisitors are using a desktop or a mobile browser.

Although we have thought of these situations before by giving you access to our Remote API, we wanted to make it even easier for you.

With our Widget Router you can handle different situations in a heartbeat. Whether you want to display a different Widget depending on your customers' location or just change the position of your chat button – the Widget Router is the right tool for you. Manage individual chat setups with only one click. Decide if you want to change your Widget's behaviour based on language, user agent, geolocation, device or URL match pattern.

The new Widget Router feature is available starting with the Business plan. Find more information here.

Upcoming System Maintenance

Hi there!

We’ll add some new features and improvements to our system on Friday the 10th of August. This means there’ll be a downtime from 9PM - 9:30PM CEST. If you’re still chatting around that time, please schedule in a coffee/watercooler break.

We recommend Operators to switch to Away status at least 10 minutes before to have enough time to complete any active chats without receiving new ones.

For questions, reach out via chat or at

Jörn Knauer, Customer Success

Liebe Userliker,

wir werden einige neue Features und Verbesserungen in unser System einbauen am Freitag, 10. August. Damit verbunden ist eine Ausfallzeit von 21.00 - 21.30 Uhr CEST. Wenn Sie zu dieser Zeit noch chatten, planen Sie bitte entsprechend eine Kaffepause ein.

Wir empfehlen allen Operatoren, sich mindestens 10 Minuten vorher auf den Away-Status umzustellen, so dass Sie genug Zeit haben, laufende Chats zu beenden, ohne neue zu bekommen.

Wenn Sie Fragen haben, schreiben Sie uns gerne im Chat oder an

Jörn Knauer, Customer Success

Topic Filtering for Add-ons and an Improved Audit Log

We've improved our Add-ons by adding Topic Filtering. Now you can decide to only create tickets for certain chat topics.

So now, if you want to follow-up on leads or technical questions only, you have the power to do just that. Head to any of your Add-ons and enable “Filter by topic” before choosing the chat topics you'd like to see automatically turned into tickets.

You can now also track the deletion of chat transcripts and offline messages in the audit log. This'll help you stay sane if you’re working in a large organization with dozens or even hundreds of colleagues; the more transparency, the better. If a message is deleted from your Dashboard, you can see exactly when it was deleted and by whom.

Learn your A-P-Is with our API Overview

If you work directly with APIs, you probably know what you want to accomplish. So we thought it would be nice to make it easier for you to get to the correct API based on your needs.

If you take a look out our new API Overview, you'll see a list of our available APIs, from which product they are available on, and a short description of what you can manage with each specific API.

We also break down what each API is capable of by categorizing them in different sections. You'll find which APIs are suitable for Event Notifications, Behavior Customization, or Chatbots and RequireJS.

Check out our new API Overview!

Umlauts and Accents for all. Plus Emojis!

We’ve heard from a lot of customers that they aren’t able to save their macros using their native language. That ends today with the introduction of our Dashboards European language update.

Now, if you’re using German umlauts, Spanish accents or Danish ø’s, we’ve got you covered!

For the emoji lovers of the world, we’ve now improved our chat transcripts to display emoticons as they would normally appear in a live chat. You can now literally see customer satisfaction when reviewing your chat sessions!

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