Notification Options: Now for Facebook and Telegram Messenger!

Our Facebook and Telegram integrations give your customers more ways to reach out to you. We've now improved how you're notified for all incoming Facebook and Telegram messages.

Before, the messenger channel widgets didn't have any notification options, which meant that all of your Operators would receive notifications. Now you have the option to enable or disable the same notifications options as with your other widgets.

If you head into your Facebook or Telegram widget, you'll now see the Notifications tab. Once there, you can select if you want your entire team, or just the operator group, to receive notifications for chats or offline messages. You can also choose to disable browser notifications or the connection to your add-ons, should you not want these events to be sent.

If you're on our Corporate Product or higher and have interest in our Facebook and Telegram Messenger Channels, take a look and expand your chat support to your customers' favorite messaging apps!

Command Responses for Bots, Support for Images, Videos and Chips

Userlike is only getting better. Whether you want to post questions with defined answers, share an image or send a video directly in the chat, we've got you covered. We've made it easy to add such commands to your HTTP Bots (available from the Flex Product) so you can communicate in more ways and share what you need. If you're eager to get started with our new commands, take a look at our handy HTTP Chat Bot Tutorial under the Chat Commands section!

If you aren't on our Flex Product, you can still take advantage of these new chat commands in the Chat Panel. The above tutorial explains how to use these commands easily to your web visitors.

Chatbot users will also be happy to know that we've made it possible to receive responses to your commands so you know if they've failed or succeeded. For example, if your bot forwards a chat to another operator, but the operator slots are full, you'll now be notified of this. To enable Chat Command Responses, just head to your Bot Operator in the Userlike Dashboard and make it so.

Unique API Keys for your Organizations

For our Flex customers: it's now easier to use our API to get the data you need from your individual Organizations. Instead of receiving information from all of your Organizations, you're now able to set up your API with a unique API Key. To find this key, simply head to Config in the Userlike Dashboard, then API Settings. To obtain another API Key, switch to another Oranization and repeat these steps.

We also now offer the ability to reset your API Keys. Should your API Key be compromised in any way, you can now head to your API Settings and generate a new key for each Organization, or for your entire company.

Feel free to take a look at our updated API Tutorial.

Upcoming System Maintenance

Hi there!

We’ll add some new features and improvements to our system on Friday the 13th of April. This means there’ll be a downtime from 9PM - 11PM CEST. If you’re still chatting around that time, please schedule in a coffee/watercooler break.

We recommend Operators to switch to Away status at least 10 minutes before to have enough time to complete any active chats without receiving new ones.

For questions, reach out via chat or at

Michael Morella, Customer Success

Liebe Userliker,

wir werden einige neue Features und Verbesserungen in unser System einbauen am Freitag, 13. April. Damit verbunden ist eine Ausfallzeit von 21.00 - 23.00 Uhr CEST. Wenn Sie zu dieser Zeit noch chatten, planen Sie bitte entsprechend eine Kaffepause ein.

Wir empfehlen allen Operatoren, sich mindestens 10 Minuten vorher auf den Away-Status umzustellen, so dass Sie genug Zeit haben, laufende Chats zu beenden, ohne neue zu bekommen.

Wenn Sie Fragen haben, schreiben Sie uns gerne im Chat oder an

Michael Morella, Customer Success

Improved Skills Routing Interface and Matomo

Our last release saw a brand new method of routing your chats via Skill Sets. We wanted to spruce things up a bit and give you a smart, clear view for your Skills. Now you'll see each Skill and individual Skill Set more clearly. If your Widget has Skill-based routing enabled, you'll see this in your Widget Overview, along with a small info bubble that will display your skill sets when you hover over it with your mouse pointer.

We also updated our Tracking section in the Widget configuration to display Matomo, formerly known as Piwik. No worries to those of you using this integration. We only updated the name, not the integration itself!

Import & Export your Chat Macros, now with Umlauts!

Not long ago, we started offering the option to add translations to your Chat Macros for better multi-language support. Now it's possible to export your macros as a spreadsheet file to be opened and edited in programs such as Excel or Atom.

After editing, you can import your full list of macros back into your Userlike Dashboard. Have a look at our extended Chat Macros section in our [Account Setup Tutorial] (!

In Germany we know that we couldn’t truly express ourselves without a good umlaut. Now our German-speaking customers can name their Chat Macros using ümläüts. (ö)

New Widget Language: Catalan

Bon dia! Your web visitors can now experience Userlike in Catalan, along with over 20 other languages. Just head over to your Widget settings to select your preferred language. Happy chatting!

New Chat Panel & Dashboard languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian

You can now experience Userlike in four new languages, on top of our ‘original’ languages English, German, and Dutch. Just head over to your profile settings to switch to your preferred language. Happy chatting!

Whats New: Skill-based Routing

Your chat routing logic determines with which Operator your customers get in touch with, so it has a big impact on the speed and quality of their chat experience. Our default routing method brings your widget online when an Operator of a connected Operator Group comes online. Our Group Select feature lets your customers select the Operator Group that they wish to chat with. Now you have another option: Skill-based Routing.

With this, you define Skills and connect them to your Chat Widgets and Operators. So when your customer starts a chat through a specific Widget, it's guided to one of your Operators based on a Skills match of your Widgets and Operators.

To start off, head to the Userlike Dashboard and select Config > Skills. Here you create skills that define the abilities, languages, and topics that your Operators are able to service. Next, you assign them to your Support Team. To do this, head to Config > Operators, then select an Operator to edit. After selecting an Operator, click on the Skills tab. Here you can select the skills of this Operator, and update its Operator settings. To set your Widget to Skill-based Routing, head to the Config > Widgets. Select your widget, then Chat > Routing. After selecting the Skills option, you can select each skill you wish to connect to this widget. After updating your settings, your widget will load when an Operator with one or more of Skill Sets goes online within the Chat Panel.

To make getting started with Skills easier, we've put together a handy tutorial for you to follow. Take a look at our Chat Routing Setup Tutorial!

Skill-based Routing is available to customers beginning on our Business Product.

Thanks for reading, and happy chatting!

Daily Widget Service Times

With the widget service time you control how your Chat Widget behaves outside of your service hours. You can hide the chat button, for example. Or if you make use of Chat Butler, you can prevent it from showing up when your chat isn't staffed. This way you don't create false expectations for your web visitors.

Now we've expanded this feature by adding service times per day. Maybe you don't offer chat support on, say, Sunday's. Now you can process that in your Chat Widget, as well as your fixed service times for all other days of the week.

Check out our full feature update here.

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