updown release notes
updown release notes

🧹 Removing UserVoice widget




We've been using UserVoice for quite some time for feature suggestion, FAQ and customer support contact widget:


The thing is in the end this was just a very limited UI for an email, as support is anyway handled the same way and by the same person (me) on support@updown.io.

And among the years we hit some deliverability issues, likely caused by UserVoice not supporting proper DKIM signing. Also some clients had bad experience because they thought this was a live chat. Overall many opportunities for frustration.

So in order to address this problem in the simplest way possible – and as UserVoice is not gonna change soon – I decided to stop using this widget in favor of direct email. Twitter is also an option for people still using it ☺

I slightly reworked the footer to make the Support button more visible to compensate for the widget button being gone, also it'll now includes the account name in the subject by default:

Screenshot from 2021-10-11 17-07-51.png