updown release notes
updown release notes

πŸ”” Recipients API




The first version of the recipients API has been released, it allows to list all possible recipients in your account (/api/recipients endpoint) and to modify the list of recipients selected for each check (recipients attribute in the /api/checks endpoints). You'll find the updated documentation here: https://updown.io/api

So you can now perform the same changes as on the bulk edit page but from the API, and thus automate the creation/update of checks while selecting only some recipients.

It is also possible to add new recipients (email, sms, webhooks, etc..) from the API using the POST endpoint.

Let me know if this is working well for your needs and if you notice any issues.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ« Pro tip: before playing with the API and messing with your configuration, you can open the bulk edit page to have a snapshot of your current recipients configuration (as checkboxes). This way in case of problem you can just submit this form to restore the snapshotted configuration (don't reload the page before of course πŸ™ƒ).